Local poll: Sexual harassment should be reported now, not later

   Workplace Sexual harassment should be reported and not tolerated. That’s the conclusion of an online poll of Free Press subscribers that ended this week.

   Over 52 percent of respondents believe that harassment should be reported. However, many respondents (26%) believe that persons who are victims should not wait many years before they report the incidents. However, there are others (11%) who believe that harassment should be reported no matter how long ago it happened.

  Some respondents (15%) also believe that many victims do not report incidents of sexual harassment because they are afraid to speak up out of fear of retaliation by powerful superiors. When they come forth, many (13%) believe that accusers should have evidence to support their claims.

  Respondents noted that forced sex for favors on the job is not a good idea (14%). A small number (4%) believe that sex with the boss is OK as long as both parties consent without any force.

They also believe (6%) that women or men who wear sexy attire to the workplace invite sexual overtures. Despite the sexy attire however, some (4%) believe there should be a look, but don’t touch attitude.