I thought Basketball was boring, but not now

By Cadence Morale Wright

In the year 2018, I expect to play basketball on the school team because it is fun and I like playing with my friends. I like this sport because it keeps me entertained. I started to like basketball when I was eight years old. Two years before, when I was six, I went to a New

Orleans Hornets game and saw my first full game. It was boring because I did not know the game. The only player I knew was Chris Paul because my dad talked about him a lot. His number was three. 

   My dad kept taking me to the games because I was not old enough to stay at home alone.

I started liking basketball when I got to shoot a three-pointer at the beginning of a Hornet’s game.

Before the game, twenty kids got a chance to go on the court and try to shoot a three-pointer. My brother and I were two of the twenty. Six of the twenty kids made three points. I was one of the six and my brother Ethan shot three points too, from the kiddie line. 

  After that, I started liking basketball. My dad and my mom took me to a lot of games, so I asked them to get a goal for us to play basketball at home.

  I started playing basketball on my school’s elementary team at 10 years old. My number was 30. I wanted my number to be 23 but that number was gone. We played ten games and my team lost every game because my team was trash. I was the only good player. I made some good shots and some good friends, too. That’s when I became hooked on basketball.

 In 2018 I will be on the school team again. For Christmas, my uncle Robert gave me $50 and that was enough to get me on the team because the fee is $30. 

 This year I hope to be better than last year.

  I’ll keep you posted.