Local sorority works to mentor youth

  Local Delta Sigma Theta Chapter continues to promote national goals working with youth.

Monroe Alumnae of Delta Sigma Theta continues to work with youth to pursue national goals. The chapter has an emphasis on relationship building, preparation, advancement, and personal progress, it has continuously been their commitment to the community to teach and model attributes of leadership, scholarship, service, and social action.

Among its initiatives are the Delsprites, Save Our Sons, Delta Academy, Delta GEMS, and EMBODI.

The sorority helps  youth enhance personal growth by attending various skills building, leadership and motivational classes; give back to the community by participating in community projects; and experience new and exciting adventures by visiting numerous cultural, educational and professional events.

In 2016, the Monroe Alumnae Chapter was awarded a $20,000 Grant from the Mid-South Foundation to assist with providing programing for its youth initiative EMBODI.