Lord, Please protect us from suffering the agonies of 4th of July!

By Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

Dear Our Lord God, this child of Yours is kneeling again before Your throne of Grace and Mercy in Spiritual sackcloth and ashes. I am begging for Your Grace and Mercy for the upcoming man-created Holiday, labeled 4th of July. It has been celebrated for numerous years by many of Your Anglo-Saxon children in this Your country and forced upon other citizens of this same country who are of other races to observe it, also. But, it is totally ignored by them when our so-called freedom dates arrived in name only. They calendared theirs, but ours…

This child of Yours among others, is terrified due to the frightening exhibitions of fireworks which begin at dusk and extend until the “wee” hours of the next morning. Even though there are city ordinances against firework activities in the city limits, they are difficult to enforce, but what about those of us who are under doctor’s care and find it frightening to try and endure? Why? We are taxpayers, also and need Your solutions, now!!!!

To add insult to injury, we also, have to endure day and night, mostly beginning at dusk, also, unbelievably loud, frightening car music and other unpleasant car sounds. We do not understand the rationale in forcing us to hear the choice of music of others and they are not forced to listen to ours, if we chose to listen to our favorites, which many of us do not have, anyway. Many of us focus on praying for our country and them, also. But, as a result of their ongoing onslaught, our homes shake to the extent that it sounds and acts like air-raids strikes exhibited during war times. It appears that some of our firework “shooters” are from other neighborhoods, if so, it is a mystery to me why they choose to display their fireworks skills in our once quiet neighborhoods.

This neighborhood mainly consists of retirees who lived here or their parents before they were here when this neighborhood was created.
Before we arrived, it was one large cotton field except for the presence of Carver Elementary School. We have witnessed it grow from a once quiet neighborhood into a neighborhood of fierce and loud noises due to the desires of others who now live here or are often passing through here.

LORD, this child of Yours, does not know of anyone else who can solve our problems. Sooo, I am asking You to do so before the 4th of July and every evening before dusk and the main noisemakers arrive.
Thank You for hearing my prayer. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Love, one of Your innumerable children,
Jacquelyn Simmons

P.S. Because You love all of us the same, dates and holidays do not matter, especially when they exalt others whom their supporters feel are superior. You love all of us the same!