Lord! What has happened to your delegated love and mercies for your people? Part 3

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

Scripture: Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, and have not charity (love)…
(I Corinthians 13:1).

Dear Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

As you already know, tears continue to flow in my eyes as I think of the “shoddy” treatment my grandfather received during his last days here on Your created earth. Even though, during that timeframe, he earned quite a substantial salary due to his employment as a railroad worker, in fact, more than the average persons. His burial garb and casket reflected those of a pauper. This writer loudly expressed that disclosure during his funeral and was reprimanded by the owners of the funeral home and asked to remain quiet or go outside the church during the service. It was a shock to behold, especially as the funeral attendants displayed difficulty closing the dirty casket due to its short length and width. None of us, including “daddy” who had to return from his home in Denver, Colorado, were included in his funeral arrangements. Other strange asinine business transactions took place after his horrifying burial which may be disclosed by this writer at a later date. Many secrets are hidden under mounds of dirt in graveyards by some of their occupants. But, if they could talk, oooooh…

Jesus, my next focus will be on the “shoddy” treatment of one of my female first cousins. In fact, our mothers who were sisters, were pregnant with us during the same time. After completing her tour of duty in the United States Army, she returned to her previous profession as a school teacher. After retiring, she became ill and was shifted from one health care facility to another and her condition began to worsen.

At one facility, someone called me and said, if someone did not come get her by noon of that same day, they were going to “dump her” in the front yard of her home. I received the call about 9:00 A.M. on the same morning. Afterwards, we had the problem of shifting her from one care facility to another.

Where was I during that same time frame? I was traveling to and fro while carefully dealing with chemotherapy due to a lumpectomy and eventually was prescribed overdosages of chemo and radiology which required me more than once, to become a patient in CCU. I am presently suffering from lymphedema.

While a patient, during one of my hospital “stints”, I was accidentally treated for diabetes, which due to God’s grace and mercy, I do not have. How did I find out? While being hospitalized for another condition, the staff had begun giving me shots in strange places. During one midnight, a nice nurse announced to me what she was getting ready to give me and why. God awaken me in time to inform her that I was not hospitalized for that purpose, but for…She apologized and hastily retreated while saying, it was intended for someone located in the next room. But, before that, I had been given shots for that purpose. My! My!! My!!!
If some grave occupants could talk as they do in movies…