Lord! What has happened to your delegated love and mercies for your people? Part 5

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

Scripture: Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, and have not charity (love)…(I Corinthians 13:1).

Dear Our Beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

As you have already noted, this servant of God is still spiritually prostrate and tearfully presenting some almost indescribable cases of our Father’s dear neglected and abused children by some of their caregivers. In some cases, only the tip of the iceberg is being presented.

In last week’s article was the painful disclosure of the mistreatments of my first cousin, an honorable discharged United States Army Veteran, and retired classroom teacher. After transferring her to another facility which we prayed would grant superior treatment, it was not better. In fact, she kept reporting her assigned roommate would arise during the wee hours of the morning and fight her. By this time, her physical condition had deteriorated to the extent that she could not move herself in any direction. Eventually, she developed very painful bed sores,
During her tenure there, her mother became a patient, also. We prayed that maybe her presence would serve as a “buffer” against her mistreatments because she was able to travel around in a wheelchair due to being unable to walk, also.

One day, we received a call from her mother stating that one of her mother’s assigned caregivers was “bedding” her down for the night at 2 o’clock pm everyday which forced her to eat her evening meals in bed. When she asked for bathroom assistance, it was denied and she was forced to excrete while wearing the same diapers until the next morning’s bath.

Our family, by Your making it financially possible, made sure that her mother had everything imaginable to try and keep her comfortable. You had a telephone, television, microwave, refrigerator, and everything else imaginable installed in her room. By Your grace and mercy, she also was given the loveliest sleep and dress wear sold in stores during that timeframe.

Whatever she notified us that she wanted or needed, we made sure that it was there in record time.

However, one of the facility’s maintenance men, thought it was clever to act as if she was helpless, switched her new television set for an old one because her new one, according to him, was no longer working. Well, upon her swift notification to us that his “ploy” was not acceptable, he was forced to hurriedly return it to its rightful owner.

Even though she phoned to us her “needs and wants”, we were told we could also leave monies for her needs at the desk, located in the lobby, which was classified as the bank, also. Periodically, according to the desk management, someone going shopping from that facility would bring their requested items and make sure they received them. Even though her needs were always met due to a phone call to us, we placed monies in the bank just in case. But…We finally decided to discontinue deposits because every time we inquired concerning her balances, it was always laughingly listed as zero even though she never requested purchases. So we…