Loyalty is hard to find

By: Cadence Wright

It takes a lot to earn somebody’s trust. Some people have been friends for a long time because they have been through a lot of stuff together. Through the ups and the downs they know they can depend on each other. Loyalty is knowing, no matter what happens, I trust you will have my back. Your word is good and you always look out for me. People lie so much now that it is hard to find true loyal people.

If you are loyal to something you don’t quit it when times are hard. People had been eating Chick Fil A sandwiches for a long time. When Popeyes announced their new chicken sandwich was coming out it seems like folks just quit on Chick Fil A and ran to Popeyes. People aren’t loyal to nothing! Just because something new came out they started running to it and forgot about the sandwich they already loved.

I am a big Lebron James fan. When he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers I wore my Cleveland jersey. When he left Cleveland and went to Miami I wore my Miami jersey. When he left Miami and went back to Cleveland I stopped wearing my Miami jersey. Now, Lebron is with the Lakers. I want a Lakers jersey. People think I am not loyal to any team but I am. I am loyal to Team Lebron! Whatever team he goes to that’s the team I am loyal to.

If you say you support something then you need to support it 100%. Don’t tell people you are with them and then disappear. It’s important to show up and do what you’re supposed to do. If you go to a church then go to that church. Don’t be skipping your own church going to other people’s church. That’s not being loyal to your own church. If you work for a job you can’t do your side job work while you’re at your main job. That’s not being loyal to your job. How would you feel if you owned the company and somebody was doing that while they worked for you.

You would be paying them to half do the job for you while they do work for somebody else.

Some people have girlfriends and they cheat on them. I don’t understand why you would tell somebody you go with them then cheat on them? Some girls do the same thing to their boyfriends. If you just want to go to the movie with somebody then just go to the movie. You don’t have to lie and act like you go together and then cheat on them the same week. Loyalty means I can trust you even when we are not together.

We all need to work harder at being more honest with each other. Families even fight because they can’t even trust their own family members. I may not be good at everything but I think I am a good friend to my friends. They know if I say I am their friend they can depend on me. That’s why I don’t need a lot of friends. Just because we play basketball together doesn’t mean you will have my back when I need you the most.