We recommend Fred Jones for District 16 Representative

Voters in District 16 will go to the polls next month to elect a State Representative; we think Attorney Fred Jones is the best choice in this race.

There are several candidates, all Democrats, who are seeking to replace the progressive legal mind of Katrina Jackson, who vacated the seat to become State Senator for District 34.

We have been fortunate to have some of our best legal minds to represent us in Baton Rouge. This field of candidates consists of a collection of some of our better-known personalities and activists. That is a credit to our area and we commend each of them for coming forth to make themselves available for public service.

We have also been fortunate to have fine representation in the past in this district, which was newly formed by Senator Elect-Jackson, to create an additional African-American majority district. Now, both District 16 and 17 are minority based districts.

Former Senator Charles Jones and others changed state laws to elect city and parish judges across the state and changed many criminal justice laws that were both tough and yet merciful.

That type of proactive, legislative action is what we have come to expect from the Representatives from District 16 and 17. Senator Elect Jackson and former Senator Charles Jones, Rep. Willie Hunter and Rep. Marcus Hunter served us well and represented all portions of the district. It helped that they were all attorneys. While being an attorney is not necessary for success as a representative; having a knowledge of the law and the lawmaking process is an asset.

We feel Fred Jones has the legal training, discipline, personality and drive to step into the big shoes of Senator Elect Jackson.

Moreover, Jones’ is another generation of a family that has sacrificed much to help the poor, working people and minorities of our area. Over the years, the Jones family has proven to consistently be a family of our best thinkers, innovators, and leaders.  Whether its Retired Judge Benjamin Jones, the uncle of Fred Jones or his father, former Senator Charles Jones or his sister, former Rep. Rosalind Jones, the Jones family has proven to be a family whose offspring are community conscious and civic-minded.

What that says to us is that Fred Jones will be surrounded by a known circle of service-minded friends and family who have demonstrated an above-average willingness to make changes that will help our state and the people of District 16 even at the risk of personal sacrifice and loss.

We like Fred Jones’ ideas about protecting our health care system to insure that the poor will always have access to health care.

Three state teacher’s organizations have endorsed him because they believe he is committed to helping students and teachers in our public education system. That commitment has earned him the support of the : Monroe Federation of Teachers and School Employees, The Louisiana Association of Educators Fund for Children and Public Education and the Democrats for Education Reform. Like these organizations, we think he will be sensitive to education issues and will work to improve pay for educators and funding for our schools.

We also agree with the State AFL-CIO, that Fred Jones will be sensitive to the needs of working people as he works to guarantee state workers a living wage.

Whether its criminal justice, education, or healthcare, we feel comfortable that Jones, a born-again, whole life Christian, will stand for what is right and fight against destructive influences wherever he sees them.

We think he will make a great Representative for District 16.