Man accused of pointing double barreled shotgun at victim

A Monroe man has been arrested for pointing a double-barrel shotgun at a 13-year-old.

According to police records Monroe police arrested Andrew Whitfield, of 510 Swayze Street, and charged him with aggravated assault, distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, illegal carrying of weapons in the presence of narcotics, and possession of a modified weapon.

According to the official police report, a MPD Heat Team unit was dispatched to 104 S. College Raceway in reference to an assault complaint. A victim reported to police that a male fitting Whitfield’s description pointed a double-barrel shotgun at a 13-year-old female and other occupants of the victim’s vehicle.

When police arrived they saw Whitfield “standing in the parking lot.” He matched the description given by the victim. The victim reportedly identified Whitfield as the person who pointed the shotgun at her. She said as she approached the store Whitfield rolled down the rear passenger window of the vehicle in which he was riding and began talking to the 13-year-old and said, “Let me be your boyfriend.” When the mother complained Whitfield became irate which led to the offense and arrest.