Man accused of sexually abusing relative

A man has been arrested and charged with sexual battery, oral sexual battery and false imprisonment in which he allegedly performed oral sex on his 2nd cousin against her will.

According to the official report on March 18, 2018, LaMarcus A. Lee lured his 2nd cousin into a hotel room at Motel 6 (1501 Martin Luther King Drive). Lee was working at the hotel and had a master room key. While the victim was seated and eating her dinner, Lee physically picked her up and threw her on the bed. Once on the bed, Lee forcefully removed the victim black stockings and panties. The black stockings had rips and tears consistent with the victim’s testimony. Lee then performed oral sex on her against her will as she told him to stop several times and slapped him several times.

Victim stated Lee digitally penetrated (fingered) her vagina without consent. The victim stated she was unable to leave the room because she was being held down against her will and unable to leave. Victim also said when she was able to get up and away from Lee and head towards the door, he would pull her back onto the bed against her will.

Lee was located on March 19, 2018 and brought to Monroe Police Department for an interview. Lee was advised per Miranda and waived those rights in a knowing and voluntary statement. Lee said he did perform oral sex and that he did touch the genitalia of the victim with his fingers, but denied penetrating her. Lee denied preventing her from leaving the room. Lee stated repeatedly that ‘she wanted it”.

Both Lee and the victim stated that there haven’t been any prior instances of intimacy between them. Lee was arrested and booked at OCC.