Man breaks in local motel to “cool off”

Sunday, June 28th was a hot day, it was too hot for a Monroe man, so he went to a local motel and entered two rooms to cool off. He didn’t pay for the rooms, so he was arrested.

Monroe Police arrested Jaleel Isaiah Martin, of 4631 Hadley Street, and charged him with unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling and threatening a public official.

According to the police report, Martin went to the Days Inn on Frontage Road and entered two rooms without permission. When the manager of the Motel told Martin to leave, he refused.

When police arrived, they found Martin in one of the rooms. According to the report, Martin told police that he entered the rooms because he was hot and needed to cool off.

When police attempted to place Martin in the patrol unit, Martin reportedly told the officer that he was going to “fuck me up.” That resulted in the threatening of a public official charge.