Monroe Police officer receives a death threat

Monroe Police Officer Cpl. Douglas Lambert received a death threat on today, June 28, 2017 while arresting a black male trespassing at a Monroe bank.

Lambert was dispatched to First National Bank on N. 18th Street in reference to a trespassing complaint. Upon arrival, he made contact with the manager who stated that Ricky Thompson had just been inside his bank. The manager stated that Thompson has been banned from the property. According to Lambert, he located a police file that stated that another officer banned Thompson from the property.

Thompson was placed under arrest and mirandized. He did admit to going inside the bank. During transport to OCC, according to Lambert, Thompson stated that neither Lambert or Officer U. Brown would ever testify against him because they would be dead. Lambert stated that he took this as a serious threat to himself and Officer Brown.

Thompson was charged with criminal trespass and public intimidation and retaliation.

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