Mother jailed for deserting three children while “smoking that stuff”

A West Monroe woman was arrested for child abandonment Thursday after one of her three children told police that she was “down the road smoking that stuff.”

West Monroe Police arrested Yvonne Anique Perry of 307 Conella Street in West Monroe on three charges of child desertion on Thursday, July 30th.

The police report said they came to the home and found three children ages, one, three, and five unattended.

The report said the five-year-old opened the door. When asked the mother’s whereabouts, the five-year-old boy told police his mother was “doing grown-up stuff and down the road smoking that stuff.”

Police report that they stayed at the home for 36 minutes, after which the mother returned. She identified herself as the mother of the children but said she had only been gone five minutes.

However, a man who drove the car that brought Perry back to her home said she had been gone for a good hour.

Her bond was $750 on each count.