Movies give me life!

By: Cadence Wright

If you know my family, you know that we like watching movies. My favorite types of movies are the action and the adventure movies. At my grandparent’s house, if you go in the den, you will see a wall full of DVDs. Right now, my favorite movies are the John Wick series but my favorite movie of all time is the Rocky series. TV series are better than movie series because on a weekly show every week you learn more about the characters. You’ll start to feel like you know them in real life.

Rocky is the first nineties movie that I saw and actually liked because it’s action and boxing. There is always a good message in the Rocky movies. No matter how hard you get hit, you must get back up and you do better. The final scenes in the ring are always good because Rocky has to almost lose, then win, and everyone cheers. Also, the last fight gives you a preview for the next movie. When you watch the Rocky movies, the fight commentators make it interesting because they narrate what’s happening in the fight. I like to watch the movie with my brother because we always make fun of the dude that loses the fight.

The Matrix is another one of my favorite movies that were made before I was born. I believe that the matrix is real because if Donald Trump is president, it means there is a secret program controlling the world and they made it happen. The matrix makes you think about life, and what is really out there. My favorite part is when Keanu Reeves dodged all bullets like the Androids.

Keanu Reeves is also one of my favorite actors. Some of my friends say I’m crazy because I believe the matrix is real.

Coming to America is another one of my favorite movies from before I was born. I like it because it shows there are wealthy people in Africa. People think everyone in Africa is living in tents and sleeping with animals but there are wealthy Africans. I watched coming to America a couple months ago because I’ve never seen it. My parents wanted me to learn from it. In America, we value money higher than family and love. True love is more valuable than being rich. That’s why Prince Akeem wanted to come to America. My favorite part is when he arrived in America assuming everyone was nice like the people in Africa. He left all his jewelry and everybody stole his clothes.

Movies and Television give you a chance to see parts of the world many of us will never see. Many movies have strong lessons and they have good messages in them too. My brother and I watch Blackish every day. They are a funny family and no matter what happens they work together. My parents always tell me to read books because the books are better than the movies. Sometimes they are, but I like movies more. Netflix is like a big library. You can open apps just like you open books!