My birthday wish list

By: Cadence Wright

I will celebrate my 12th Birthday this week! Birthdays are a lot of fun and they are special because it shows you have lived another year. Me and my Paw Paw have the same birthday! Each year, we celebrate our Birthdays together. When I was born my Paw Paw told my mom and dad if I was born on June 29 I would get $100. Paw Paw actually gave them that $100. I think my mama spent it on diapers when I was born but then when I was old enough to understand my Paw Paw’s promise he made her give me my money and I got it too!

I realize the older I get the less gifts I want. My daddy says it’s because I ‘have everything in the world already.’ My Birthday Wish List is not too long this year. I only have a few important things that these adults in my family need to be buying!

The Firestick is my top gift. It’s a pretty cool device. You hook it up to your TV and you can keep all your favorite channels and shows organized. The best thing about a Firestick is that I can take it wherever I am and hook it up to any TV and continue watching my shows as if I was at home. You can also Bluetooth it to your phone. I’m getting my own television. So, I want my own Firestick. My favorite channel is the CW. They show Black Lightning and Flash, two of my favorite shows. Now, my brother can have his own TV with his own shows and I can have my own.

Right now, I have a Samsung Galaxy Phone but it is an older model. The phone I want is a Motorola Z2 Force. My dad has two phones, a Samsung Note and a Motorola Z2 Force as a backup phone. He doesn’t even use the Motorola Force phone and that phone is the coolest! I think he should just give it to me. The phone has all these cool gadgets. It comes with a Mobile Charging Case and a Gamepad Controller. It has a Projector that lets you show your phone on a wall up to 80 inches like a movie screen. It has a camera mod that attaches to the phone and turns your phone into a real camera. There are more mods for that phone too… like the 360 Camera Mod that lets you take 360 videos right on your phone. I told my dad that’s the cheapest gift he can give me because he doesn’t have to buy anything. He already has it and doesn’t even use it. All he has to do is just give it to me.

Money is always the best gift though. If I had money I wouldn’t need anybody to buy me gifts. I can go buy everything myself. I am saving my money for our annual Summer Trip that my Granny and Paw Paw take us on every year. So, I can never have enough money. I’m gonna need every dime I can get.

If I could give the world a gift on my birthday it would be World Peace. I would give poor people money to help them live. Young black kids would not be shot by the police. Kids who live in dangerous areas would have a chance to grow up with a good family in a good neighborhood without violence. Oh… and if I had one last Birthday Wish, Donald Trump would not be President!