My summer trip was tiring, but exciting

By Cadence Morale Wright

   This week I went on the annual Learn/Fun summer trip with the Top Gun Time Travelers. I am in New Mexico right now, and it is not hot. Some things were cool, and the others were not. One cool thing was sleeping in cabins. Our tents were not cool, and they were hot inside except late at night when the temperature dropped.

   The Oklahoma bombing was sad. There were 168 people who died in the explosion. They died at the hands of a domestic terrorist named Timothy McVeigh. I think he wanted to draw attention to himself and he succeeded. He was executed June 11, 2001.

    I learned about an outlaw named Billy The Kid. He killed a lot of people. He stole horses and murdered people, but became a folk hero. People come from all over to see his grave, and they throw money on his grave.

    The Quapaw is a tribe of Native Americans who live in Oklahoma. The Quapaw people have lots of tribes. Their clothing is wonderful because it is colorful. I think Quapaw people had a unique dance and singing ritual. They come once a year to celebrate their traditions and their way of life in what they call a Pow Wow.

    On this year’s trip I also went to other places. I went to the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, the International UFO Museum in Rosewell, New Mexico, I camped in Joplin, MO, and I saw a giant cross in Grooms, Texas and Six Flags, too. I also seemed to taste every McDonald’s restaurant in five different states.

     This year’s trip was enjoyable and tiring, but I’m looking forward to next year. We are going to California and many states in the West next year by train. It will be exciting and slow. It will be my first time getting on a train. I have one more trip this summer when I get home. I am going to Pensacola, Florida. My Dad is treating the family to an end of the summer vacation. What a way to spend the summer!