“Our Triune God, please forgive us for converting some of your Churches into graveyards”

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

Dear Our Triune God—Father, Son (Jesus the Christ), Holy Spirit-thank You for calling our attention to a dream You entrusted to me revealing, that some of us are guilty of converting Your churches into what may appear to be graveyards.

The Dream: On a very cold, dreary, rainy day, it was obvious that certain churches were attempting to hold services on deceased peoples’ graves located in a graveyard. Some people, while sitting on graves, valiantly tried to focus their attention on their various denominational services but due to many distractions it was very difficult to do. Grave occupants could not listen as many of us are not listening today.

To my astonishment, several people clad in various uniforms were running around carrying footballs in their arms or bouncing basketballs, swinging golf clubs, baseball bats, etc. while they rudely and loudly passed the ongoing church services as if they were not being held. It was quite obvious that they were not interested in any church services, but their sports activities were decidedly more important as it is with some of us today. When so-called important sports games are being held, some church pews are almost empty and in some instances, services are shortened or canceled in order for interested members and church officials to prepare for their game parties.

This writer was saddened to notice an unsupervised group of young children having a “ball” nosily playing the game, “Hide And Seek” among various tombs. It was obvious that none of the church leaders’, members or parents were concerned about their learning the importance of accepting eternal life through their belief and acceptance of You, Jesus.

This dreamer also noticed a uniformed loud playing marching band stepping “gingerly” in order to avoid stepping on as any graves as possible. It featured band director, drum major, high-stepping, baton twirling majorettes, dance and drill teams, flag lines, cheerleaders, etc.

Our beloved, Triune God, it was obvious that all of those activities were taking place during church services in which all of the aforementioned participants should have been present.

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, it is obvious that many of our churches (Your Bride – Rev. 19:6-10) resemble graveyards because we have allowed many outside activities to become Your prospective unfaithful Bride to become dirty and wrinkled.

Some of us are guilty also of serving your Lord’s Supper in time for breakfast in order to be free to participate, attend, or watch many of the aforementioned activities.

During the end of the dream, before I was awakened, I noticed a small group of what appeared to be evaluators consisting of three women and one man. Each of them held what appeared to be evaluations materials in folders in their hands as they carefully walked to various churches located on marked and unmarked graves. Each church obviously had a leader with whom the group leaders mainly communicated. It was obvious that none of the churches agreed with their evaluations. In fact, there were loud shouts of disagreements and promises of rebellion among them. When they arrived where I was…

Our beloved, Triune God, thank You for loving us enough to be warned of our ongoing trepidations. May we seriously take heed and move your churches from “graves to praise!”

Love you always!
Jacquelyn Simmons