Donnie McClurkin fires up the faithful at P50 Conference

Hundreds hungry for the Word of God turn out to hear powerful message from Pastor McClurkin at the P50 – Post Resurrection Conference at First Assembly


By: Brea Joyner
Free Press Staff
First Assembly of God kicked off their second day of their P50 Conference with hundreds of blazing hearts fired up for spiritual deliverance. P50 stands for Pentecost- 50, which stands for the 50 days after Christ’s resurrection. After a “season of darkness,” lead pastor Shane Warren remembered a conversation he had with the Lord about a way to overcome times like this.

“Years ago, I felt like the Lord spoke to me and said that around the times of the Pentecost, to just have a season for people to come together…and just seek the Lord,” Warren said.

Warren often speaks on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), where he met some of the pastors who practiced what they preached, such as Pastor Donnie McClurkin.

Church goers filled the sanctuary jumping with their arms stretched as the 60-second countdown started for praise and worship.

From the foyer to the youth sitting on the floor in front of the stage, these church goers were ready for a spiritual shift. In fact, McClurkin says that the praise and worship unto God, shifted his entire message and even his usual routine.

“When it’s time for me to speak his word, I speak his word and I step out his way,” McClurkin said.

“If the praise team was not so anointed, I would not had sang, because I usually don’t sing ever when I go out to preach. And I couldn’t stop singing, because of the

anointing that was in the house.”

After revival ended for the evening, fans and church-goers approached him to talk and for prayer, but McClurkin says that he hopes that people were able to see God, and not just another celebrity.
“My prayer is: Lord, let the people be blessed by you and never impressed by me,” McClurkin said.

“I don’t want to be a celebrity. I don’t want people to see me. It’s an insult to the call of God on someone’s life. I don’t want to insult God by acting like I’m something, when he’s everything.”

Amongst the crowd, ULM senior Alexia Wooten heard his prayer and felt the revival that she needed. After he shared his testimony, she realized that God can truly turn the darkest hour into hope.

“Often in life we’re told that because this bad thing happened, then you’re doomed with the negative repercussions of that,” Wooten said.

“Donnie sharing his story proved the impossible. You’re not your past, but you are what you choose to be past that.”

P50 continues throughout the week with Sheryl Brady on Wednesday and Nathan Morris Thursday. Pastor Warren hopes to bring more world renowned speakers to the NELA, but word is getting out that attendance is low.

“The reason they’re coming here is because they know, my church is big so it’s gonna be full by virtue of that, but secondly they know our church takes care of them,” Warren said.
“It’s a big testimony for our area and it makes them want to come back.”

Judging from the large amount of attendees despite the rainstorm Monday evening, Warren says that people are “really hungry and seeking change.” Though regardless of the number, he says that the goal is not determined by how packed they could get their church, but how much impact they could spread through the Gospel—from the saved to the unsaved.

“My goal is to facilitate an atmosphere where no matter what’s going on in their life or what they’ve done, that they can find the Lord. That’s the biggest thing for me…over everything.” Warren said.