Peggy Creech: “I felt like a Queen for a day”

The ProWorks Productions/Free Press Mother’s Day prize winner enjoys life and was floored by her unusual but queenly Mother’s Day gift.

Peggy Creech has accomplished a lot in her life; she’s endured a lot as well, but she enjoys every day and looks forward to living long enough to see her grandchildren graduate from college.

Creech was the Mother’s Day prize winner of a recent Mother’s Day contest sponsored by Kita Wright of ProWorks Production. She was selected from several applicants and received limousine service, a free photo shoot, a makeup artist makeover and a luxurious dinner as the 2019 winner.

“The joy of winning this beautiful Mother’s Day Gift” was one of the things that brought her to tears this Mother’s Day.

“I was treated like a queen for one day,” she said.

She’s won prizes before, like the time she was voted a beauty school queen whe


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