Rep. Hunter keeps promise nets 3.5 million dollar highway

Rep. Marcus Hunter, amid growing concerns for the safety of the citizens of District 17 who travel HWY 165 So, lobbied Governor John Bel Edwards and Louisiana Secretary of transportation and development Shawn Wilson to fund a highway safety street lighting project. After several months of intense negotiation, Hunter was able to convince both the Governor and the Secretary it was a much needed project in the area due to the large number of wrecks and fatalities. The project is earmarked at an initial cost of 3.5 Million dollars and will create the necessary lighting along Hwy 165South from charmingdale to Highway 15 Winnsboro Rd.

“I have listened to the requests of the people and fought hard to secure this project and keep my promises I made when first elected. While more details are forthcoming, the project once completed will increase safety not only for the citizens driving, but also pedestrians as well as law enforcement and first responders.”

Rep. Hunter spoke with Mayor Brown of Richwood extensively during and after session because this project requires the Town of Richwood to maintain the utility poles once installed. However, should the Police jury agree, they can share in the costs and benefits of this much needed project.

Hunter has also requested turn signals be placed on the 18th street overpass as well as a red light at Texas Ave and South 8th Street. These requests are still under review.