Requesting all people of faith to join

We, Kenneth Wilson and Juanita Woods, City Councilpersons, hereby call upon and request all people of faith to join us and others within City of Monroe in launching a faith-based initiative aimed at ending the rise of homicides within our community. We request the members of the community to join us as we embark upon six weeks of prayer, meditation, and ministry. During the next six weeks, we are requesting the faith leaders to render messages during their services promoting the elimination of the epidemic of homicides.

We also request meditation and reflection exploring solutions to this crisis. Finally, we request all people with wisdom and understanding to counsel youth regarding techniques that they can employ to avoid involvement with this plague.

We will be visiting various places of worship with the hopes of hearing inspiring and life changing messages on this topic. Rev. Attorney Louis G. Scott has agreed to join us in this endeavor.

Please contact him at (318) 323-6107 regarding any questions, issues, or concerns. Thank you in advance for joining in this effort, and may God bless the city of Monroe!

Kenneth Wilson
Juanita Woods
Reverend/Attorney Louis Scott
Reverend Ambrose Douzart
Reverend Rodney McFarland
Reverend Ernestine Green