Ricky McClinton & Angela Bowman plan nuptials for 2020

Love is definitely in the air for these two lovebirds. Mr. Ricky McClinton, born in Monroe, La., has been a dedicated member in leadership management for many years for The City of West Monroe. Dedication, teamwork and impeccable leadership makes him a major asset to his company.

His soon-to-be counterpart was also born in Monroe, La. Ms. Bowman is the well-known chef & owner of Tasty’s of Houston, Texas & she’s one of the previous owners of the famous original TASTY’S in Grambling, La.

TASTY’S was their family’s restaurant started by her grandparents over 46 years ago. They’re her constant inspiration. Her clients include professional athletes, entertainers, actors, comedians, & local politicians just to name a few. The happy couple are planning nuptials for the summer of 2020.