School board member’s husband hospitalized for COVID; she’s showing signs

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread in the nation, Ouachita Parish has not been immune. Political candidates, pastors, and people of every walk are testing positive for the virus.

Sunday, Monroe City School Board member Sharon Neal reported that her husband is hospitalized at St. Francis after testing positive for COVID. She said he is on a ventilator.

While caring for him, Neal began showing symptoms herself. Over the weekend, she began having chills and other symptoms and has reported to the hospital for the second time.

She said she attempted to be tested earlier but the hospital sent her home because she did not have any visible signs.

She returned to the hospital Sunday because she now has visible symptoms.

“I’m dealing with this thing myself. This is nothing to play with. I don’t think any child should go back to school right now. It should be all virtual until we can find a better way,” Neal said Sunday.