Shut up and dribble!

By Cadence Wright


In America, we all have Freedom Of Speech. We get to speak how we feel without being arrested. During Slavery, Black people were not given this freedom. We were only expected to be good in Sports. They didn’t care about our thoughts and ideas. Black people were often told to “Shut Up!”

This week, my favorite NBA Player, Lebron James, made a video about Donald Trump. Lebron said Mr. Trump was racist. He also said, “Donald Trump does not care about people.” A news lady on Fox News saw Lebron’s video. She told him to keep his comments to himself. She also told him to , “Shut Up and Dribble!”

To me, when she said “Shut Up and Dribble”, she said it like Black voices don’t matter. I also felt she was trying to say ‘Black men are only good at Sports and their opinions don’t matter. Her views are the main reason we have to keep speaking up.

People think Lebron is my favorite player because he is the best NBA player in the game but it is more than that. I do like him as a basketball player the most but I also like the fact that he inspires people on and off the court. Not only do kids look up to Lebron but so do many other players. People wanted him to be quiet but he did not listen to the haters.

Lebron does a lot of great things for people. He gives money to charities in the city where he grew up. He has given many scholarships to High School Seniors to go to college. He helped the NAACP get more registered voters. He is always active when there is a crisis in our communities.

Many NBA Players are supporting Lebron. He has a big name and many people listen to him. I am just a kid. If I speak about things nobody would listen. When he speaks, the world listens. The world needs to know Black people are not slaves anymore. We will not just shut up and dribble.