Sibling Rivalry

By: Adesha L. Madison


Siblings have an odd relationship
That you had better not get in
Outsiders fight a losing battle
That they are never gonna win
To you it seems they will kill each other
And one another they cannot stand
But, I promise you it’s better to leave it alone
Don’t lift a tongue or a hand
Their idea of love might involve a bad word and a fist
Once again I guarantee
You are better off staying out of it
Just as sure as it seems like they will kill each other
They are just as sure to kill you
If they are having a dispute
And you come between the two
Just the same way they were fighting
And ready to go to war
In the same breath they will turn around
And make sure their sibling shine like a star
So stay out of sibling rivalry
Trust that it is not for you
What seems unresolvable
Leave it just between to two