So many kids are committing suicide

By: Cadence Wright

When rapper Xxxtentacion was killed a lot of kids were shocked. He and several new rappers have rapped about depression and suicide. Xxxtentacion never hid his fascination with death but many teens have seen him try to turn his life around and be positive. Unfortunately, he was murdered before he got a chance to really live a good life.

Suicide is very common among kids. They talk about it more than adults realize.

Bullying is probably the number one reason kids try to kill themselves. It doesn’t feel good to be bullied at school but now days kids get bullied more on social media than in person. The kids who hate you spread lies and rumors about you on snapchat and instagram and before you know thousands of people have seen it. A lot of kids are too ashamed to tell their mom and dad and they don’t believe the school will do anything about it either. If you tell an adult what’s going on you will get picked on even more for being a snitch. Some kids feel like they are trapped either way so they kill themselves.

Some kids feel bad because they don’t have the stuff that other kids have. When new games come out you are the oddball if you don’t have it. When Jordans come out or the new Lebrons you have to have them. Kids will make fun of you if you come to school in whack shoes. The kids who live in good neighborhoods sometimes make fun of the kids who live in poor neighborhoods.

When you ask your parents to buy stuff and they say “no” kids get mad because they know they will feel ashamed to be one of the few kids who don’t have the new stuff. Always feeling left out is another reason kids kill themselves.

A lot of kids don’t have a relationship with their father. It is very hurtful to see other kids with their dad and your dad doesn’t even love you. Parents can judge their kids too much too. It makes a kid feel bad about themself and want to run away. Some parents never have anything good to say to their kids and all they do is point out the bad stuff. When a kid feels unloved they do stuff to get attention.

I believe families should say nice things to each other every day. People need to tell each other they love each other more. If a kid doesn’t feel like he can talk to his mom or dad he should have someone he can talk to. Unfortunately, a lot of kids don’t feel they can trust many adults so they keep their problems to themselves.

Kids need to learn to pray. My mom and dad prays with me and my brother every night. When my dad is out of town we Facetime him so he can pray with us. I feel like God hears me when I pray and He is going to make stuff better.

My favorite artist is Logik. I like him because he raps about life and how to deal with situations like suicide. One of his songs he gives a number kids can call if they ever get depressed. He always makes good music. Kids need to listen to good music and hang around good people. If you hang around people who do the right things then you will do the right things. If you hang around people who do the wrong things then you will do wrong things.

Kids should not be afraid to talk to adults. That means adults have to listen more and not judge kids so much when they make mistakes. If everybody could listen more, so many kids wouldn’t try to kill themselves.