So much to see in the world

By: Cadence Wright

Every Summer, my Paw Paw takes my brother and I on a vacation.

Well, that’s what he calls it. It doesn’t feel like a vacation because he makes us read books and write essays about the places we visit.

I hate doing the work but going out of town and seeing the world is always fun. When I get older I want to travel the world. I’m going to bring my family with me to see new places. I’d like to visit China, Tokyo, France, and Africa.

These places are very interesting to me.

My dad won’t ever tell me things. He always says, “Don’t ask me. Google it!” So, being that Google knows everything, I found out some pretty interesting information about the places I really would like to see one day.

Did you know China was famous for it’s Giant Panda. It has the largest population in the world with over 1.3 Billion people. The only thing I knew about China is their food. I love Chinese food.

Whenever we go, I always get Orange Chicken or General TSO chicken. China is also famous for The Great Wall. It’s the third largest country and Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than any other city in the world.

When I did research on China it made me want to learn more about Tokyo too. So, I picked up my phone and found out some interesting stuff about Tokyo too.

Tokyo is the world’s largest metropolitan. It has over 36 million people spread out over it’s prefectures. Now, I didn’t know what a prefecture meant.

So, my dad made me Google that too. I found out a prefecture is a division or like a section. Tokyo was built as a small fishing village but is now one of the largest cities in the world. It is Japan’s capital.

I’ve always seen pictures of France. Usually, when you think of France you immediately think of the Eiffel Tower. France’s population is more than 67 Million. At my school, we get to learn English and Spanish.

However, some schools in New Orleans do teach the kids French. I think I may have to take a class so I will know how to ask people the right questions when I get to Paris. If not, they will cursing me out and I won’t even know it. France is the world’s most popular tourist destination.

Africa is the second biggest continent in the world both in size and in population. Here in New Orleans, the Mississippi River divides the Eastbank from the Westbank. It is a very long river that runs from the South of the United States all the way up to Canada. The Nile River is in Africa.

I thought the Mississippi River was long but I found out the Nile River in Africa is the longest river in the world. The Sahara Desert is in Africa too. It is the largest desert in the world. I would like to visit Africa. Maybe I can find Wakanda!

One day I will get to go to all these places to see how life is for other people around the world. I think the more we travel the more we can understand how big and beautiful the world is.

Maybe I won’t get to go to Africa this year but I will just go see Black Panther again and pretend like I’m there!