Some laws need to be changed

By: Cadence Wright

Every law in the country was made by an adult. I guess they think because they are adults that they are smarter. I know for a fact that not all adults are smart. Just because you are an adult doesn’t automatically make you smart. Donald Trump is a prime example. The fact that so many adults voted for him proves my point even more.

In my opinion, they should let kids make some of the laws because some of today’s laws are simply not fair.

In Louisiana, you have to be at least 16 to drive. How is that fair? I see older people who can barely see driving all over the highway. Some of them can barely see over the steering wheel. T

hey drive all over in your lane and if you blow at them they have the nerve to catch an attitude and get mad at you. If they can have a license then there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to get one. At least I know how to stay in my own lane.

I think it is messed up that you have to be 18 to vote. They don’t think kids know what they are voting for. If you look at the shape America is in right now it’s obvious that half of the adults don’t know what they are voting for. So, what is the difference? For example, it’s the kids who are getting shot up at schools but the adults are the ones who keep voting to protect the gun companies and allow them to make more guns. I’m not a genius but it seems to me if you want people to stop getting shot up then you stop making it so easy for them to get a gun. Duh!!

A lot of adults are lazy and they don’t like going to work. They complain about how tired they are but I notice they don’t be tired on Pay Day! It doesn’t take a genius to put fries in a bag. A kid can do that. I mean… now they don’t even cook the food anymore. Computers do it. All they do is put them in the back and count the money. Are you serious? A 12 year can do that!

Kids could also work in shoe stores. We know more about the latest shoes than our parents do. From what I see, there are 25 lanes at Wal-Mart but it seems to me only 3 or 4 people are actually working. Either Wal-Mart doesn’t want to hire people to work or the people they hire don’t want to come to work. Sounds to me like another job that a 12 year old can do. You don’t have to be good at math. The machine adds it all up and actually tells you how many dollars, quarters, and dimes you’re supposed to give the customer back. If these people don’t want to work then they need to hire some younger people who want to make some money.

Since kids live in the United States I feel kids should have more opportunities to have a voice. We may not know everything but who does? Some kids are more advanced than their own parents when it comes to technology and what’s happening in the community. If school could be shorter I would have more hours left in the day to get a job somewhere. With a job I could make my own money and help my mom and dad with the light bill. If I put some money on the light bill they won’t be able to tell me, “Cut those lights off. You don’t pay no bills around here!”