Sometimes the encourager needs encouraging

By: Lisa Wilmore

Bless God today for christian believers who are prepared to share encouraging words with persons whose hearts and minds are troubled. Because of verbal and sometimes actionable encouragement from our brothers and sisters in Christ, we are strengthened to continue the journey set before us. We must be reminded to thank God for everything, including “the encouragers”.

On many occasions, the encourager helps to restore others from mental anguish due to problems which cause them to feel a sense of defeat and loss of hope. In fact, encouragers help to bring back individuals’ confidence in Jesus, the one who possesses the answers and abilities to solve all problems. Although they pour out from the abundance of their hearts, they sometimes need encouraging, also. Paul expresses to the church of Thessalonica to “encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing” (1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV).

Just when you think that you can not go another mile, God sends an encouraging christian to offer a word at the right time. The encouraging words are so powerful that they make a difference between quitting and finishing. Well, what happens when the encourager needs encouraging?
Recently, encouraging christian women came to my rescue.

Disappointment, hurt, and anger filled my heart and mind where I truly could not function beyond the moment. I contacted five elderly women I truly admire-seeking their approval and validation of my feelings. However, they all encouraged me in the same manner. Each lady had her way of saying “Trust in the Lord” and “Do not give up”. Their encouraging words were different but synonymous in meaning.

Rev. Jacquelyn Simmons wrote in a text message, “Praying that God will calm angry waves. Do not let evil forces sabotage God’s program. He said vengence is mine”. She further wrote, “Make sure that everything is top of the line. Give God your very very best…Stop crying, move forward and carry out God’s program.”

Mrs. Nora Callaway said, “Dont give up. I shared with you that you would be faced with opposition when you begin to help bring people to Christ…” then she prayed for me.

Mrs. Pearlee Perry said, “Continue on the path that God has put you on and do the best you can….”

Mrs. Earline Lyons said, “Pray and keep moving forward, God will take care of the problem…”

Last, but not least, my mother, Carrie McGhee’s encouragement was, “Pray about it and let Jesus fix it. Don’t stop doing what God has called you to do.”

My friends, I was encouraged. “Sometimes the encourager needs encouraging.”