Grambling and southern need new mascots!

By: Cadence Wright

I have always wondered how teams pick their mascots. Sometimes, they pick mascots that have nothing to do with their city or school. For example, Southern University calls themselves the Jaguars but I have never seen any jaguars roaming around Baton Rouge. Grambling says they are Tigers but they know good and well there are no tigers in people’s yards in Ruston or Grambling.

New York calls their team the Giants but I know a lot of short people who live in New York. Utah calls their team the Jazz and we all know there is nothing “jazzy” about Utah! Most teams’ mascots represent the culture of the area they are in.

Detroit, Michigan calls their team the Pistons. I learned that many Blacks were not given a good opportunity to make a living in the South. So, many Blacks moved up North because they were paid better to work for the car factories. My Great-Grandfather moved up there to work for Mr. Henry Ford. In those factories they made the doors, the frames, the headlights, and they even made the engines. I learned that a piston is a small screw inside the engine. Without the piston the engine won’t work. Since they were all being built in Detroit they named their team after their most common culture… building cars.

In 1849, people were running out to California because they heard there was gold in California. That year, a whole lot of people were getting rich! They were finding gold everywhere and California became a wealthy place to live. It became known as “The Gold Rush.” I need to go to San Fransisco to see if there is any of that gold left. The Gold Rush became what San Francisco was know for so they centered their NFL team around their own history.

Last year, my Paw Paw took our whole family to Disney World. We noticed everything in Orlando, FL is centered around Disney. Disney says they create magical moments that last forever. They even have an area at Disney called Magic Kingdom. Every night in Orlando they have this big fireworks presentation at Disney but its so big you can see it all over the city. It looks like magic in the sky. So, it makes sense for Orlando to call their NBA team Orlando Magic.

Neil Armstrong and many other astronauts have gone into space. When astronauts go to space they can only get there on a rocket. In America, the rockets are made at NASA. I found out the NASA headquarters is in Houston, TX. Houston is pretty much the city all astronauts have to go to in order to get in their rockets to go to space. That’s why the Houston NBA team is called the Rockets!

I think it is good that teams can use a mascot name to showcase their city’s culture. It tells the world what they are about. The NBA has a team in Milwaukee. I think I’m going to move there because their team is the Milwaukee Bucs. If they named a whole team after “bucks” then you know there is a lot of money in Milwaukee and I need to go get some!