Take time for a family vacation

By: Cadence Wright

People spend too much time at jobs instead of spending time with family. Kids are in school so much they rarely get to spend time with family. Without quality family time you miss out on learning about the people you live with. This week, my brother and I are out for Spring Break. Our parents took us on a family vacation.

One the way, my dad was driving and we slept most of the time. It felt like every five minutes we had to stop because my mom kept having to use the bathroom. We sang songs the whole way.

When Michael Jackson’s song “Billie Jean” came on, not only did we find out my mom can not sing but we also found out she doesn’t know the words to “Billie Jean”. The song says, “The kid is not my son.” My mom kept saying, “Jan is not my son”. We had to ask her… “Who is Jan?” She didn’t even know and she said she had been singing it that way all her life. I still don’t know how she had been singing it wrong all these years.

We walked up and down Lincoln Road. There were many stores. I saw Guess, Forever 21, Nike, Foot Locker, and even a CVS. Lincoln Rd. reminds me of Canal Street back home in New Orleans.

There were many different races of people of all came to Miami for vacation just like us. We ate pizza and my daddy said the pizza cost too much so we better eat it all up! My mom tried to go in every store on the strip She kept trying on different clothes that she didn’t even buy. My brother and I ate Ice Cream while she shopped.

We are staying in a fancy hotel on South Beach. It looks very modern. Our room has a couch that turns into a big bed but my mom and dad have their own room inside this room. It’s like an apartment. It has a washing machine, a dishwasher, a microwave, and a big tv on the wall. As soon as my brother an I came into the room we hooked up our Xbox and played our games all night long.

This hotel has a nice pool on top of the roof. It reminds me of the Hyatt Hotel near the Superdome in New Orleans. They have a pool on the roof too. There are many tall hotels and condos around this one and we could see them all from the roof.

My mom and dad are always working. We seldom get to have fun like this together. Since we’ve been here my dad made me try some food that I didn’t like and I will never eat again. My mom doesn’t know how to stop shopping. My brother never stops talking.

I have learned I don’t like the beach as much as my mom does but I do like Miami. Our bags will be a lot thicker going home because this hotel might be missing a few towels!