Teens turning to martial arts for defense

By Valaysia Smith, Teen Writer

We are living in increasingly violent communities and many teens are learning self-defense classes as a result.

The threat of being kidnapped or threatened is a reality for many who watch scary episodes on television and social media.

Citizens are becoming victims while doing mundane and routine things such as leaving work. The possibility of being suddenly yanked or beaten is a reality that no one wants to happen.

While I am aware that there are things like pepper spray and tasers they can
always backfire somehow. Many youth are turning to martial arts classes for help.

A group of Martial Art classes that are really effective include:
Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, and even Karate. Another good fighting skill to learn would be Boxing.

There’s a site named Joinfightcamp.com that will give you Boxing training. There’s even  a website called worktrainfight.com that will teach you boxing for free. Boxing is a good
skill to learn because it will help you to know how to block an attack, this is a good thing for men,
women, and children to learn.

Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy is a good place to learn Jiu-Jitsu that is a local dojo in Monroe. There is also a dojo in West Monroe by the name of Kron Gracie Jiu Jitsu West Monroe that will teach Jiu-Jitsu as said in its name. You can visit the site globalmartialarts.com to get free lessons of Krav Maga.

Krav Maga even has their own website where you can learn it, called kravmaga.com. You can even go to YouTube or do some more research of your own because the internet really does have everything you could think of.

I hope you stay safe and learn some amazing skills because not only can you keep yourself safe with it, you could even potentially save someone that is being attacked.

Remember, not all heroes wear caps…. although you can if you want to, no one’s stopping you. Think like Dory, just keep swimming.