The renewing of your mind in 2018

By: Rusty Potter


We watched the final seconds on the clock tick away to the new year and we watched the ball drop in Time Square. It is not the movement of the hands on the clock that produces newness of life. The movement in your mind will produce a newness of your life. We are all in a transformation. The challenge for 2018 is to move outside of your comfort zone.

You will be astounded by what God has equipped you to do in 2018. What is in front of you is far more important that what is behind you. Where you are going in 2018 is more important than where you have been. This is a new day!

Challenge yourself to do something that will cause you to stretch and grow this year. Do not be weighted down by distractions and past mistakes in life, instead keep stretching to the next level, reaching for your highest potential in 2018.