These people need serious help

By: Cadence Wright

I was raised to do the right thing and respect other people. I tell adults, “Yes Ma’am or No Sir.” If I don’t my dad would probably slap the fire out of me. I didn’t even know we had fire in us but that’s what he says he can do if I don’t respect adults. I help others when they are in need. Me and brother are told to keep our hands to ourselves. I never touch anything that isn’t mine. My mom says if you don’t have anything nice to say about somebody then don’t say anything at all. My dad says the greatest thing a man can be is honest. These are just a few of the things they keep repeating all the time. I thought all kids learned these things but I am learning everyday… a whole lot of people obviously don’t know this stuff.

I was watching the NBA Playoff game between the Warriors and the Pelicans and it didn’t make any sense how those referees were cheating for the Warriors. It’s like they had a secret meeting before the game and they got paid to call every call against the Pelicans and don’t call anything against the Warriors. How can they live with themselves knowing they cheated a whole team? I feel like if you lose you should accept it and try harder next time. If you win something you should win fair.

Cheaters are the ultimate crazy people. They are so addicted to winning that they are willing to win even if they have to stoop to the lowest levels to get it. You should win with integrity. Integrity means to do your best at all times in the most honest way possible. Cheating is contagious. If they see they can cheat and get away with it one time then most likely they are going to cheat again.

A thief is another kind of person who needs special help. I mean they need to bus all these people up and send them to a city and just let them all steal from each other. Most thieves have been doing it for a long time. They do it one time and get away with it. Then, they do it again and again and again. The most hurtful thing about thieves is that they always steal from the very people who are trying to help them. If you say you are my friend I should be able to trust you. If you steal from me one time, I’m gonna be honest… it’s hard for me to trust you again after that.

You may as well find another friend because everyday I will be expecting you to steal something. Let’s not even pretend. You need to move around because I can’t… I just can’t… I can’t deal with a thief.

When Donald Trump became President I saw another side of America. Since I was a kid I only knew one President and that was Mr. Obama. It seemed like the world was trying to be good. When Donald Trump won it seemed like the racist people just came out of the woods! I didn’t even know what racism was until then. I guess people used to hide their racist ways. Now, they just don’t care anymore.

Just the other day, a white lady saw my dad charging his car. She told him he had a nice car. She walked around it and looked at it being just as nosy as she can be. Then she tells my dad, “You must be a rapper or an athlete?” I couldn’t believe she said that. I’m 11 years old and I even know what that was about. She assumed because my dad is a Black man that the only way he could afford a Tesla is by being a rapper or a basketball player or something. She was racist and the messed up thing about racist people is many times they don’t even know they are. That lady really believed that a Black man driving a good car could only get it by rapping or playing sports. My dad is too short to be a basketball player, too skinny to be a football player, and too old to be a rapper! All she saw was the color of his skin.

When a person is racist they feel they are better than others. They think they have a right to something and others should not be able to get the things they have. That’s why they look at you crazy when you can afford to live in a good neighborhood or own a good business or drive a good car. I guess all Black people are supposed to be standing on Bourbon St. tap dancing? It’s funny to me how all the racist people go to church and claim to believe in God. How can you believe in God but hate half of God’s people?

The bible says we are supposed to forgive evil. That’s cool as long as I don’t have to deal with you. These people need help. Seriously. They need Jesus because there is no way you can love Jesus and treat other people the way they do. I’m no rocket scientist but it’s hard to love people who get joy out of stealing, cheating, and judging others. I feel like if you’re going to do bad things, well do the bad things to yourself. Don’t go around doing bad things to other people. Well, what do I know? I’m just 11 years old.