Town of Richwood Minutes: December 20, 2018

Regular Meeting Minutes
Thursday, December 19.2018 – 7:00 P.M.
Members in Attendance:
Alderperson Donald Richard Alderperson Janice Fleming Alderperson Leola Keys Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland
The Town of Richwood met for a Regular Meeting held December 19, 2018 at 7:11 p.m. at the Richwood Multi-Purpose Center, 2710 Martin Luther King Drive, Richwood, Louisiana to consider the following business:

I. Meeting Called to Order by Mayor Gerald Brown at 7:11 p.m.
II. Prayer- was offered by Mayor Gerald Brown
III. Pledge of Allegiance – recited in unison
IV. Roll Call- Mayor Gerald Brown called roll with the following results:

* The record shall reflect all (3) Alderpersons present at time of roll call, Alderperson Simeon Profit absent, and Alderperson Donald Richard is on the way.

Present: Alderperson Janice Fleming
Alderperson Leola Keys Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland
Absent: Alderperson Simeon Profit
Absent at time of roll call: Alderperson Donald Richard

V. Adoption of the Agenda-

Mayor Gerald Brown- stated that he would like (2) Items added to the agenda; Police Juror Reddix and Kevin Crosby, the engineer, to provide updates as well as Police Juror Pat Moore, who would like to advise the Board of her candidacy.

* Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- offered up concerns, that this would take us off course from the meeting, and he has respect for the Police Jury coming here and Mr. Crosby, Pat Moore and Dr. Reddix, but is this going to be a political introduction of things or are would this be dealing with the Town’s business?
Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland – further stated, he is not saying Mrs. Reddix, he is not saying Mrs. Moore, but he didn’t think it was a good idea to bring politics into the board meeting tonight, he doesn’t think it would be a good thing to do that, we have things we need to attend to in the Town of Richwood. .
Mayor Gerald Brown- stated, in his opinion, anyone who would be potentially our State Representative, that is going to be important to the Town of Richwood.

* It was motioned by Alderperson Janice Fleming and seconded by Alderperson Leola Keys to add to the agenda Police Juror, Dr. Ollibeth Reddix and Kevin Crosby the Town’s Engineer, as Item # X, and Police Juror Pam Moore as Item XI.

A vote was taken with the following results:
Alderperson Janice Fleming Yes Alderperson Leola Keys Yes Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland Yes
* Alderperson Donald Richard entered the meeting @ 7:16 p.m.

VI. Adoption of November 15, 2018 Minutes:

* It was motioned by Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland and seconded by Alderperson Donald Richard to adopt the November 15, 2018 minutes as presented.

The record shall reflect a vote was taken and all (4) Alderpersons voted Yes to adopt the November 15, 2018 minutes.
Alderperson Donald Richard Yes Alderperson Janice Fleming Yes Alderperson Leola Keys Yes Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland Yes

VII. Adoption of Financial Statements:

It was motioned by Alderperson Donald Richard and seconded by Alderperson Janice Fleming to adopt the financial statements as presented.

* The record shall reflect a vote was taken and all (4) Alderpersons voted Yes to adopt the financial statements as presented.
Alderperson Donald Richard Yes Alderperson Janice Fleming Yes Alderperson Leola Keys Yes Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland Yes

VIII. Public Comments as they Relate to items on the agenda:
* None provided

IX. Mayor’s Dialogue:
Mayor Gerald Brown – thanked the Board for their participation with the 2nd Annual Christmas Parade, and the 3rd Annual feeding at Christmas of the senior citizens at SCORE.
There was a great turnout for the parade and the senior citizens at SCORE were very pleased with what was done.
Mayor Gerald Brown- updated the forum on the Opioid Lawsuit.
Mayor Gerald Brown – reminded the forum Attorney Bobby Manning had come in and advised the forum of this suit, and that the necessary paperwork had been filed and everyone that needed to be served had been served, however these type of court proceedings take quite a while, and he will keep the forum up to date as more information come in.
Mayor Gerald Brown- advised the forum pertaining to the 2017 Audit, it is in process and they are down to some final items and should be able to complete it shortly.
Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- inquired if we were in non-compliance?
Mayor Gerald Brown- advised at this time we are not in non-compliance, we have until the end of the year to complete the audit.
Mayor Gerald Brown- advised the forum the street project for Lincoln and Honeysuckle is set to begin no later than the end of February, everything has been submitted for that project and should be on schedule for that project.
Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- inquired if the streets were Washington and Honeysuckle?
** There was a discussion concerning the actual streets for the project, with confirmation given it was Washington and Honeysuckle.

* The record shall reflect the following information confirmed concerning the noted streets included in this phase of the Street Improvement Project as follows: Honeysuckle and Washington Road.

Mayor Gerald Brown- further advised the forum, he was able to attend a celebration at Richwood High School, and it was announced they are now a B rated school , they have moved from a D rated to a B rated school and if the opportunity arise and you should see an administrator, teacher, or student please congratulate them on this accomplishment.
Mayor Gerald Brown- also congratulated and presented Ofc. Frazier-May on his upcoming nuptials and presented him with something from the staff.
X. Dr. Ollibeth Reddix & Engineer Kevin Crosby-
Police Juror Dr. Ollibeth Reddix- commended the forum as to the improvements which have been noted the cleanup initiative, the Christmas Parade, and I wanted to let you know your positivity has been noted.
Police Juror Dr. Ollibeth Reddix- also commended the Mayor and Board on the partnerships they have forged because it is so important, and you made the right connection with the right people at the right time.
Kevin Crosby, Town’s Engineer- addressed the forum and advised he wanted to update them concerning some of the projects, the first Richwood Road # 2 and at the east end of it which is Brown Street, upon examination of that area, you can literally see where trailers and cars have dropped off there had been some damage from trucks dropping off on the inside of that curve and the road is not wide enough to accommodate 2 cars at one time. The Eastside Tax was passed end of 2017, and this is one of the projects which were put forth by Dr. Reddix, and they have completed the design on it and the Police Jury has approved that project to advertise, they approved that at their meeting on December 3rd. The project will bid January 17, 2019 at 2:00. South of that road will be done by the Eastside Tax, we will break that out to present to the jury when we are meeting after the 17th, the area north of that, which is the other half of the project the parish public works will pay. The Eastside tax will pay $ 107,945 and the bigger part of the project the Parish Public Works will pay for $ 163,501 out of their budget the total construction cost estimate is $271,446. This is a very needed project, that will widen the road some, and add a little more to the inside of the road.
The next project brought by Mrs. Moore, on Richwood Rd # 2 by Parkview Apartments-, from the bridge south to 165, in that area every time it rains it builds up in that area, and when I presented that to the Police Jury, they asked that it be tabled, and I plan on presenting that again to the jury the 1st meeting in January; they did authorize us to do a little study and see if we saw any quick problems, there were 7 beaver dams in that 1 mile stretch, 1 tree that had fallen across the canal, gas pipeline a 100 ft wide ride-away approx. 11 acres, the estimated construction cost approximately $ 475,000 . The jury has done other projects like that, once that project is through then public works will come in and spray that. Hopefully in January we can get that project underway.
Mr. Kevin Crosby -another project the Mayor sent me was some paperwork on is the MS4 Permit, and basically it is a permit required by DEQ of different towns, municipalities, and cities, you’ve got to look at how the drainage flows through that town and the type of drainage in that area, it is a lot of paperwork. That permit had expired, and you cannot build any projects within your area if the permit is expired. We looked at this and didn’t see any reason the Town should be required to have the MS4 Permit, so we wrote an appeal letter and just got word back as of 2018 the Town is not required to have the MS4 Permit.
Mr. Crosby recapped some previous projects, In Pine Bayou subdivision, Richwood had replaced some of those streets through LCDBG monies and while we were looking at some of those streets, we looked at a drainage ditch off Althea, and we put in for LGAP funding and we were able to close that ditch about 3-4 years ago.
Mr. Crosby also addressed the Raccoon Bayou project- and advised this is one of the major projects and was initially the project was funded through statewide flood control, but it wasn’t enough funding. , the Governor did put more money in that and did send it to North Louisiana that project is estimated at $ 4.5 million the federal share is $ 3.4 million and the local share is $1.1. million the Eastside Tax Money will be used for this …
Elevated Cross Walk at Ollie Burns Library- the state has agreed to fund that design it, the Police Jury basically due to these (2) women right here ( Police Jurors Pat Moore and Dr. Ollibeth Reddix) due to the agreement for the maintenance and upkeep that project is going to be around $2 million on construction cost . The state has also agreed to do sidewalks on both sides of 165, from Richwood High School to about 650 feet north of the library, cost around is around $ 500,000. The DOTD is getting close and they are going to get the sidewalks in before the overhead crosswalk.

XI. Pat Moore addresses forum:
Police Juror Pat Moore – addressed the forum and thanked the Board for this opportunity, Juror Pat Moore publicly thanked Governor John Bell Edwards, DOTD Secretary Sean Wilson, Former Representative Marcus Hunter, Mayor Brown and the Board for securing the funds for the street lights on HWY 165 near Richwood High School and up to HWY 15, and it took all of us working together, Representative Katrina Jackson and Representative Hunter at the time.
Another thing she wanted to talk about is the pedestrian crossing that he talked about, it is a blessing from God to have this in the 2019/2020 project program, and they put it in because they saw the safety issue and the need of this project. We were trying to update you all on the projects as we close out, and this happened because all of us were working together.
Alderperson Janice Fleming- advised on the record some of the statements and sentiments that were conveyed do not represent the entire Board, that we appreciate you coming down to advise us of the updates.
XII. Discussion in reference to the selling of the Town of Richwood Property (located at 3407 Anne Drive, Richwood, LA. )

Alderperson Janice Fleming – motioned to table this issue until the Board could receive the information requested the acreage of the land, and the purpose for the request to buy, and she had heard we were unable to sell that property.
Mayor Gerald Brown- indicated he had heard that, but this property is not the property set aside for the Town Hall.
Alderperson Leola Keys- stated she wanted to know what the use of the property would be.
XIII. Discussion in Reference to Setting a Special Meeting for Renewal of Liquor License and Occupational License.
Mayor Gerald Brown- advised this is something the Board was supposed to be doing all along, each year to review information for renewal of liquor and occupational licenses and it would probably be best to set this toward the end of the year.
* It was discussed and agreed to set a Special Meeting for December 27, 2018 @ 10:00 a.m. and notify all parties about the meeting.
XIV. Adjournment:
It was motioned by Alderperson Donald Richard and seconded by Alderperson Janice Fleming to adjourn @ 8:08 p.m.