Town of Richwood Special Minutes: December 27, 2018

Special Meeting Minutes

Thursday December 27, 2018 @ 10:00 A.M.
Members In Attendance Alderperson Janice Fleming Alderperson Leola Keys Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland
The Town of Richwood met for a Special Meeting held December 27, 2018 at 10:00 A.M. at the Richwood Multi-Purpose Center, 2710 Martin Luther King Drive, Richwood, Louisiana to consider the following business:
I. Meeting Called to Order by Mayor Gerald Brown at 10:00 A.M.
II. Prayer- was offered by Mayor Gerald Brown
III. Pledge of Allegiance – recited in unison
IV. Roll Call- Mayor Gerald Brown called roll with the following results:

The record shall reflect (3) Alderpersons Present:
Alderperson Janice Fleming Alderperson Leola Keys Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland
V. Adoption of Agenda:
It was motioned by Alderperson Janice Fleming and seconded by Alderperson Leola Keys to adopt the agenda.
* The record shall reflect a vote was taken to adopt the agenda with the following results. All (3) Alderpersons present voted Yes to adopt the agenda as presented.

Alderperson Janice Fleming Yes Alderperson Leola Keys Yes Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland Yes
VI. Public Comments as They Relate to the Agenda
**** There were no comments***

VII. Renewal of Occupational License and Liquor Permits


Mayor Gerald Brown- informed the Board if they look at the information provided by the Town Clerk/ Ms. Woods, it shows a breakdown or slate of the businesses separated are the alcohol and non-alcohol license businesses.

In the first slate of non-alcohol or no liquor license required business a vote was taken to renew occupational license with the following results.

It was moved by Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland and seconded by Alderperson Janice Fleming to renew the 1st slate businesses( not requiring liquor licenses ) occupational license.

* The record shall reflect (3) Alderpersons voted yes to renew the occupational licenses of the first slate of businesses (those businesses not requiring liquor license).
Alderperson Janice Fleming Yes Alderperson Leola Keys Yes Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland Yes

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised the forum the second slate of businesses were now presented for renewal and inquired if the Chief or Town Clerk have any poignant information.

(Super Discount Liquor)
Chief Johnny Cleveland- addressed the forum and advised pertaining to Super Discount, the issue is patrons standing outside the business and on the parking lot drinking.
Chief Johnny Cleveland – suggested notification be given to the owner concerning this issue. parking lot drinking .
Mayor Gerald Brown- inquired if the owner had no loitering signs? Chief Johnny Cleveland – responded he had not seen any no loitering signs, and if he has them, he just got them.
Mayor Gerald Brown – stated, he would get the Clerk to send the owner a certified letter concerning this matter.
Chief Cleveland- addressed the forum and advised the Hot Spot are presenting themselves as a restaurant but are advertising and operating as a club. They are operating more as a club than a restaurant.
Mayor Gerald Brown- stated he would suggest proceeding according to the law, and perhaps have ATC come back in and do a review of their books to make sure they follow the laws.
* Questions went forth as to any observance or information the Chief has showing their method of operation.
Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- suggested to grant their occupational license and continue to monitor the activity.
Mayor Gerald Brown- stated he suggest issuing their occupational license 60-90 days on a provisional basis, and have the ATC review the records to determine if they still meet their requirements as a restaurant.
Alderperson Leola Keys- stated we, being Richwood, have made our laws, and if we are lackadaisical disregarding the enforcement of our laws after the Chief, has brought pictures and proof of what he has observed, standing before us, and we acting lackadaisical about it, we know what we have to do, we have to enforce the laws. If we have a Chief, I expect him to enforce the law.
Mayor Gerald Brown- commented, he agreed with her, however the fact that they are a restaurant does not preclude them from having events, but they must be in constraints of the law regarding the percentage of sales they have that are food, and if they have been accurate and honest on their application.
Alderperson Leola Keys- stated in respect to our Chief or any other chief, if I go out and observe information and bring it back to you and you still make exceptions, we won’t get anywhere.

(Club Onyx)
Chief Johnny Cleveland- advised Club Onyx has a problem with closing at 2:00 a.m. they have received a summons on not complying with the law of closing at 2:00 a.m.
Alderperson Leola Keys- stated, they understand this, and if you go to West Monroe, and Monroe, you cannot do this.
Alderperson Janice Fleming- asked Club Onyx representative what was the problem with them complying to the law?
Mr. Anthony/ Owner of Onyx- stated that we close by 2:00 a.m., but the problem is the customers are gone, but the performers are there, and the only ones left on site are the performers, the only thing I have to say is come by and you can see for yourself, we have no problem closing at 2 -o’clock.
Alderperson Janice Fleming – inquired of the Club Onyx owner/ representative, what do you tell your people is the last call for alcohol in Club Onyx?
Mr. Anthony/ Owner of Onyx – advised we tell them at 1:45 a.m. .
Alderperson Janice Fleming – stated you may need to move it back to 1:30 as the last call for alcohol to give them enough time to get all patrons out and the club closed by the 2:00 a.m. the law states.
Chief Johnny Cleveland – stated on this particular time, I drove up on the lot and 5 guys were coming out, went inside and 5 more guys were coming out. If just performers are there, and the club is closed, those guys had no business coming out the club.
* Discussion ensued about the laws and the enforcing of the laws.

(Members Night Life)
Chief Cleveland- stated he is not the only one that have done this, I have another one that I have had to summons twice.
Chief Cleveland- advised another club in non-compliance of the law is Members Night Life, located on Hwy 15.
Chief Cleveland- informed the Board the club has been summoned 2 times already.
** Open discussion, concerning what could be done about the non-compliance of the laws regarding alcohol consumption and closing ensued….
Mayor Gerald Brown – stated because the owner already has 2 summonses, if there is a 3rd summons the Judge would pull the establishments license.
Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- stated, why are we bird dogging clubs when we have other things happening in the community.

Chief Johnny Cleveland -We not bird dogging anyone, they bird dogging each other, It started when the Mayor moved in, they came up here talking about this one, and that one, doing this, that, and the other, and the Mayor told them y’all want us to get involved, but you not gone like what we do when we get involved. Club Onyx, came by telling on this one and the other, but now, they’ve gotten together and want to come at me and the mayor; but he not telling what he has done, he’ll throw a rock and hide his hand, I’m sick of all this….
It first started with my man porkchop, he was mad at porkchop, and so on, we got tired of that, so we did what we needed to do…. You are talking about bird dogging, we not bird dogging, they bird dogging themselves. I get a call someone is open (beyond the specified time) what I’m supposed to let them stay open? No I get out of my bed and go check.
Mayor Gerald Brown- I have told you before, if he (the Chief) gets a call he has to investigate the call.
Chief Cleveland- stated the other club we are having problems with staying open after hours, I have summoned him twice, I get a call, I come out. If I must summons him again, you all must decide what y’all want to do with it.
Mayor Gerald Brown – stated each violation requires a summons and a fine after the 3rd violation the judge will pull his occupational license, that’s the law.
Mayor Gerald Brown- advised for point of reference, this is the club on HWY 15, they are the only BYOB club in the Town and was closing at 5:00 a.m., but since you guys passed the law, they too must close at 2:00 a.m. and since we have passed that law, the Chief have found alcohol on the premises and them open beyond that time period.
Like we said they have already received 2 summons and cannot get another one or the judge will pull their license.
Mr. Ray Collins of Blues, Sport & Grill- addressed the forum and asked if they had heard anything about Ray’s?
Mr. Ray Collins – stated the only thing they have heard about Ray’s was when they walked in and found someone with an open container, that someone from the outside brought in, each time it’s the same thing.
My records have been pulled and reviewed by the ATC and it shows 100% food, I sell 100% food, but I can’t sell it because of the time.
**** Discussion ensued over time requirement and the ability of Ray’s to sell food during the specified time….
Mayor Gerald Brown- stated, he saw people representing the Hot Spot enter and would like the Chief to restate his statements and allow them an opportunity to rebut the comments.

Chief Johnny Cleveland- stated it appears they are doing more club activities than restaurant, the way they are advertised, it is advertised as a club. It’s not just me saying this, other people are advertising it as a club.
Representative from Hot Spot ( Identified himself as speaking on behalf of his sister)
The person speaking stated: First of all, we were having a party, and it is not against the law to have a party at a restaurant.
Second of all y’all need to control your Chief, he busting in grabbing his gun saying y’all need to close down, we were already closed down, he made people runoff and leave their food; then we see on Facebook posted if y’all go in there you going to get robbed, y’all gone pay for your food and y’all not gone get to eat it. That’s why we in trouble.
Chief Johnny Cleveland – stated if I come in after 2 o’clock and people are in there after 2 o’clock, I have the right to put them out.
Owner/ Additional Representative#2 (Mom)- spoke and questioned the Chief as to how many people were in the Hot Spot when the Chief entered?
Chief Cleveland -answered 2…
Speaker#1 representing the Hot Spot- commented, there were 2 men, and the men were so afraid they ran off.
Owner/ Additional Representative #2(Mom)- stated, you gave my daughter a summons saying hire your security guards…
Chief Cleveland- stated, no, no, no it was not… Mayor Brown there was nothing on the summons about hiring my security, we set a meeting with her for 11:00 because I have to agree that your security is good enough, that’s why I asked her to come to the meeting, she wouldn’t come to the meeting, there was nothing about hiring my security,
The speaker representing the Hot Spot- you didn’t put that on there?
Chief Cleveland- commented no its not. We set a meeting with your daughter for 11o’clock because I have to agree that your security is good enough to work there, she wouldn’t come to the meeting the Mayor had for 11:00, she waited until I left and came at 4 o’clock, and I let the Mayor know everything I do , and when I do come to your club, I have the Sherriff Department with me.

Speaker # 2 representing the Hot Spot(Mom)- one-time, one-time sir, we be closed. Now I want to ask y’all (the Board) a question, he down here spying on the Hot Spot, what if somebody start shooting in Richwood where he gone be? You can’t be at 3 places at one time where you gone be? Just like when the man got ran over.
Chief Cleveland- I can’t stop someone from being run over, I can’t stop that.
Alderperson Janice Fleming – stated, Ma’am we are not here to assassinate his character, we are here to make certain that people are taking care of the responsibility to renew permits, we are not here to assassinate his character and talk about what he does and the way he does things, lets just handle the issues, we are supposed to handle. He has brought to us pictures showing that you guys are in violation of the restaurant rule saying that you’ve got more bar activities or club activities going on more than restaurant activities, we need your defense of your restaurant activities, that’s what we need, because everything we have seen deals with a club.
Speaker # 1 for Hot Spot – We are selling food, and he can’t say he hasn’t seen us selling food.
Mayor Gerald Brown- commented, I think the question is what are you doing more of, more club or more of a restaurant? Are you open right now?
Speaker # 1 for Hot Spot- Yes, we are open right now, we are over on food sales, my sister in Shreveport right now talking to the ATC people right now. You can’t just bust in people’s businesses grabbing your gun. People are in fear of the safety for their life, you can’t do that.
Mayor Gerald Brown- stated, understand this if you have anyone in there other than an employee after 2 o’clock, he has the right to remove them, that’s that, and as far as the security, they have to be vetted by him, that’s the law, it has to be vetted by him says the laws of Richwood.
Speaker # 2 representing the Hot Spot- I had a meeting with you Mayor and you told us as long as we stay legal, we can stay open.
Mayor Gerald Brown- stated, legal, but if you have someone in your business after 2 o’clock, that’s not legal, if you have someone working security that has not been vetted by him, that’s not legal, do you understand that, it’s not legal.
Alderperson Janice Fleming – commented, your security must come through Richwood’s Chief, that will alleviate this and take care of the business, if you are having a club event, are you serving food at the event?
Speaker # 1 representing the Hot Spot- stated he ( the Chief) could have called his sister outside and told her she was over the 2 o’clock time instead of what happened.
Mayor Gerald Brown- stated I agree with you , he could have called her out, but we tried to talk with her on 2 occasions prior to that, on one she didn’t come at all, and one she showed up 8 hours late, do you think that he thinks he can have a conversation with her, does that make sense what I am saying? Does it make sense what I am saying?
Speaker # 2 representing the Hot Spot- responded, yes that makes sense.
Alderperson Leola Keys- stated, she was going to say this one last time, “we sit up here and make these laws, and as long as those laws we allow them to be circumvented someway, we are in trouble.
Mayor Gerald Brown- stated, with no other comments at this time I would like us to go ahead and vote the 2nd slate businesses which require liquor licenses, which are on the second page.
Alderperson Janice Fleming- stated, I had a question about contacting the ATC concerning the Hot Spot.
Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- agreed this should be done.
Let the Record Reflect:
* It was motioned by Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland and seconded by Alderperson Janice Fleming that the Mayor and the Town Clerk(Ms. Woods) must contact ATC to find out if they (the Hot Spot)and all (4) four of the clubs are in compliance with the laws of Richwood and the ATC, and that the license to Hot Spot be provisionally issued to them for a 90-day period.

Alderperson Janice Fleming- stated she had a problem with this Members Night Life, you are saying with them they are already in 2 violations, and if they get another violation within a year they are closed?
Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland – answered yes.
* The record shall reflect that a vote was taken and all (3) Alderpersons present voted Yes to accept all of these in slate II requiring liquor licenses upon the conditions/ provisions discussed.
Alderperson Janice Fleming Yes Alderperson Leola Keys Yes Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland Yes

VIII. Adjournment: It was motioned by Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland and seconded by Alderperson Janice Fleming @ 11:00 a.m.