United We Stand, United We Fall

By: Adesha L. Madison


Twin towers standing tall

Tragedy hits and then they fall

People screaming, everyone running

Not truly knowing what was coming

Angels of death, on wings of hate

No tomorrow, no plans to make

The good suffering for the wrong

Unexpected when they left home

Planes crashing and buildings crumbling

Hopes, dreams, and bricks tumbling

Genocidal tendencies at pilots’ hands

Destroying a nation any way they can

Man, woman, boy, and girl

If they could, would instantly destroy the world

Mid-day news brings shock and pain

Announcing we won’t see our loved ones again

Some were found, some were lost

No matter who, they paid the cost

Obituaries typed, hearses rolling

In the winds half-staffed flags are blowing

Graves are dug, tombstones placed

So loved ones remains can be traced

We never will forget where we were

When this catastrophe occurred

In our hearts we will always remember

What happened 2001 11th day of September