We can’t judge people we don’t even know

By: Cadence Wright

Most people aren’t what you think they are. Some people are judged by their race. People even get judged by where they are from. It’s not right to judge people or say things about them that will offend them. I think all people should be treated right. You should treat people the way you want to be treated.

People call all Muslims terrorists. I have found that to be a lie. Muslims are nice people. My dad is filming a television show called, Muslim Fresh. The show is about how Muslim families live and that they go through the same issues that any other family go through. I have had the chance to go on set twice and I had fun with them. They are very nice people and they are friendly too. All Muslims are not terrorists just like not all of any other group of people are terrorists.

Black People are more than just athletes. Black people sing and dance and are very creative. My dad also filmed a television show called, Chosen Generation, that shows HBCU Choirs. They feed the Homeless and have positive ways to have fun. He also worked with another show called, Feel The Beat, which showed Black girls with great dance skills. These shows are proof that Black people are very talented and our talents are more than just sports.

Many White people are not racist. I have many friends at my school who are White and they don’t like racism either. Our church fellowships with another church a lot and most of their members are White People. They are very nice and they always work with people in our community of all races. Just because we have seen many instances of racism from White people doesn’t mean they are all racists. We have to judge people individually and not all throw them all in the same group because of something we saw a few people do. That’s the same thing we hate when they do it to us.

There are Mexican and Asian people in our neighborhood. They ride on the bus with us and nobody treats them any differently. They are really cool kids and they get along fine with all the other races of kids. It’s not good to form an opinion about people off of something you heard. Rumors are how fights get started. If you don’t know somebody, get to know them. If you don’t want to get to know them you don’t have to. Whatever you do don’t make comments about something you don’t know about.