What is Christmas really about… getting or giving?

By: Cadence Wright

Most people think Christmas is about getting gifts. It’s about giving gifts to others and being able to celebrate with family. Most people think getting is more important but they hesitate when it’s time for them to spend their money on somebody else. As a younger kid, Christmas was like a second birthday with a lot of presents. Over the past weekend me and my family did something different. We gave blankets to the elderly.

My parents filled the trunk up with blankets that people donated. We visited nursing homes all over Louisiana. We prayed with them and gave them blankets because it is the Winter time and older people get sick if it’s too cold. In one of the homes we visited Emmanuel Baptist Church members were singing Christmas Carols. My dad asked them to join us for prayer at the end. We didn’t even know they were coming to pray over a member of their church who lives there. We were happy to see others who are also doing what they can to make people happy in the Christmas season.

The workers at the homes have a weird job. It’s weird because they have to take them to the bathroom and bathe them. Some of them have to feed the people who can’t move their hands and make them chew. The workers have a long day and the reason I know is because my Nana does the same thing. She has to do all these things sometimes. She even has to work 12 hour shifts sometimes just to take care of other people.

The nursing homes we went to smelled clean when you walk into the door. The nursery home in Lafayette was Bethany Nursing Home. They had a church in there and it stays clean. The nursing home in Alexandria was Naomi Heights Nursing Home. It has a nice size cafeteria and a good kitchen. The cafeteria had TVs and a fireplace. They take a lot of time to keep the place clean so their residents won’t get sick. They even have all the names in order.

My dad said older people get sick easier because many times their system is not as strong as it used to be. He said even a chill can trigger the flu or pneumonia. So, blankets can help them stay warm. Even though it feels good one day doesn’t mean it will be the same the next day. When the weather changes back and forth it makes them sick. Christmas is less then a week and I am getting excited because not only do I get things but this year I was able to give something. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.