“What thanks can we render to God, again?”

By: Lisa Wilmore

My Christian Friends,

Two weeks ago, I submitted a message to this publication in reference to my family’s waiting, kneeling and praying for our loved one who was in an unexpected emergency situation. My testimony on today is, “The Lord has done it, again”. My nephew, Marvin, is out of the hospital and doing well. To make mention of, after fifteen minutes of not breathing, the doctors had to resuscitate him in order to restore life in him. As a result, he was placed on a ventilator and remained on it for only two days. Thank You, God, for his restored breathing. Isn’t the Lord good?

Yes, He is. He is truly amazing! The physicians believed that he would have some brain damage because of his unresponsiveness for fifteen minutes. But God!

As Marvin is on his way to recovery, there is one question that comes to my mind. That is- “What thanks can we render to God, again.” After waiting, kneeling and praying, God heard and answered our prayers. Because of His goodness and kindness, we owe Him praises from the fruit of our lips as well as the lifting of our hands and heart in reverence to Him.

I am reminded of the Psalmist who recorded his thanksgivings and praises in Psalms 116. He asked the question “What shall I render unto the Lord for all of His benefits toward me?” He pointed out that he would take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord. He further stated, “I will pay my vows unto the Lord now in the presence of all His people” (Psalms 116: 12-14). He clearly indicated his rendering thanksgiving to the Lord for His goodness.

Dear hearts, after your trials, afflictions, struggles, passed tests, etc., what shall you give to the Lord for greatly blessing you? Are you willing and ready to tell the Lord, Thank You!? The Bible teaches us that after the healing of the ten lepers, there was one that returned fell down on His face at His feet, giving Him thanks (Luke 17:16a). Even though we see the hands of the Lord in all aspects of our lives each and every day, we must always thank Him over and over again. As Christian believers, we must render worship and praise to Him forever.

Today, my Nephew is home and on his way to recovering from the impossible. So, what thanks can we render to God, again, for answered prayers? Well, we will give Him ALLLLLLLLL the glory, honor and praise for His mercy and grace.