Why Lord? Why Lord?? Why Lord??? Why Lord????

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

(God’s message delivered with embellishments during His Healing Service) Part 4

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 1:1-7

My Dear Friends,

This writer, by God’s grace and mercy, has finally gotten around to giving you an account of how God appointed me to become a columnist for the Monroe Free Press. By repetition of last’s week revelations, Rev. Roosevelt Wright, founder and owner of the publication, asked me to do so because of a letter I wrote to all local newspapers, including the Monroe Free Press, concerning my mistaken anger toward our now deceased Mayor, Mayor Bob Powell.

My last unpleasant encounter with Mayor Powell occurred as a result of gas fumes invading the home in which God permits me to call my own. I, my baby granddaughter, younger great-grand baby son, and our puppy had to prayerfully vacate the premises in order to stand outdoors in the wee hours of the cold month January after opening windows and doors in hopes that the gas fumes would go away. Well, that was in vain. They remained.

After informing Mayor Powell of our plight, he told me to call the gas company. I became upset and engaged someone in typing letters to every newspaper in the area, accusing Mayor Powell of being insensitive to the needs of some of his constituents.

After the letters were posted, someone representing the gas company arrived carrying a gadget which kept making strange sounds as he walked throughout the house. His verdict was there were no gas fumes emitting in the house. Afterwards, the children, puppy and I continued to experience our plight by standing outdoors due to the gas fumes continually being emitted throughout the house.

I finally called the gas company myself. Another man came and used what appeared to be the same type of instrument used by the former man. He also said no gas was escaping on the premises. Knowing that we could not continue to exist in that type of gaseous environment, I phoned the gas company and requested discontinuance of all services and spent the remaining days of January and parts of February without heat. Members of my family recognized my plight and made sure that central heat was installed in the house. Thank God and them!

After telling Rev. Wright I had no experience writing for a newspaper, and I could not type, he told me to submit the articles in longhand, and someone would type them. Why me Lord?

What happened to my typing skills? While attending Manual High School in Denver, Colorado, I decided to wait until my senior year to enroll in a typing class because I intended to attend college and I did not want an F on my transcript. The typing teacher’s grading scale to me was frightening. For example: For one typing error, students received a B; two errors merited a C; three errors merited a D; and four errors…

I decided to enroll, learn the keyboard, drop the typing class and enroll in study hall. After graduation, my intention was to attend Wilberforce University. God willing, continued next week.

Jacquelyn Simmons
P.S. In all fairness to me, during that time frame, I honestly thought that the problems I submitted to Mayor Powell were his responsibility because I was one of his constituents.