Work on yourself in 2019

By: Rusty Potter

It’s a brand new day! Challenge yourself to do something that will cause you to stretch and grow in 2019. The challenge for 2019 is to move outside of your comfort zone. I challenge you to do something bigger than you are this year. You are only confined by the walls you build in your own mind. You will be amazed by what God has equipped you to accomplish. Life is too short to have small expectations and small dreams. Get up every day with a desire to accomplish something great.

Do not be weighted down by the distractions and mistakes in your past, but instead keep stretching to the next level, reaching for your highest potential in 2019. We should not hold ourselves hostage to our past. Don’t allow past mistakes to determine who you are today, but let past mistakes be a lesson that brings you strength. I challenge you not to count the number of times you have been knocked down, but remember the number of time you have gotten back up. The struggle you are in today will give you the strength you will need for tomorrow.