Created to soar in 2019

By: Rusty Potter


Be somebody nobody thought you could be in 2019. There is nothing ordinary about you. Your negative thoughts about yourself can hold you back from having a better life this year. God did not create you to crawl in the dust. He created you to soar in the air like the eagle.

When you continue to do the same task over and over, you are in your comfort zone. Most people are comfortable in their comfort zone. The problem is, you do not learn anything new. Growth occurs outside of your comfort zone. In order to grow, you must challenge yourself this year.

Go outside of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to learn something new everyday. Go outside of your comfort zone and master new skills this year. Your possibilities are limitless. To grow, you must stretch yourself and raise your expectations this year.

Don’t allow past mistakes to determine who you are today, but let them be a lesson that strengthens the man or woman you are becoming in 2019.