Zion Traveler Baptist Church welcomes Pastor-Elect

Rejoice in all circumstances

The lesson features one of Paul’s Prison Letters (this one is to the Philippians); Others were to the Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon.

Question to think about: As a human being with the powers of Jesus Christ, would you have endured suffering like Paul or the other disciples and apostles? Defend your answer.

If I had Jesus’ power, I might not have made it to the cross.

Philippians is called one of Paul’s Joy Letters because of the recurrence of the words joy and rejoice which are used in more than any other letters.

Philippians Chapter 1: Paul testimony

Philippians Chapter 2: Paul shares Christ’s example of humility on service

Philippians Chapter 3; Paul’s example of service

Philippians Chapter 4; Paul’s words of encouragement to the church

Paul’s desire was to preach the gospel in Rome because it was like a metropolis and he could reach more people with the gospel. At this time, Rome ruled the world.

Question; Name a time when someone has done something to hurt you, but it ended up helping more than hurting. Discuss it.

Even though Paul is in prison, he does not experience defeat. Read Page 180 Triumphant Gospel under 18a.

Paul’s use of the word salvation; There is a military meaning to the word in Paul’s day. People were saved when their army won or protected them from danger or when their benefactor gave them food during a famine or managed governmental affairs effectively. Salvation for a prisoner could mean being found not guilty at a trial and not getting prison time.

Paul views the salvation he speaks of from the perspective of the gospel. It is the entirety of life as a follower of Jesus Christ, Faith in Christ does not just mean life with him after death, it means life with Christ in the present. It means restoration to the life when God made humans; the life that reflects the nature of God through Jesus Christ, but we messed that up in the Garden of Eden.

Paul, as a Christian, has led a life of proclamation, of suffering, of and imprisonment. This is the saved life. Now he must rely on God’s power. The Holy Spirit empowers this life. Paul was cool throughout his jailed problems because God gave him the Holy Spirit and when things got tough, Paul had the Holy Spirit to rely on.

When Paul’s followers saw how he behaved, they knew that he practiced what he preached because he had faith that no matter which way things went, he could still count it all joy.

In Paul’s day going to prison was a shame, but Paul likened his shame to Jesus’ Indomitable (unconquerable) strength. Jesus accepted what Paul faced; arrest, trial, and execution, and God vindicated Jesus by granting Him resurrection. For Paul it is an honor to be associated with Jesus on these levels.

Jesus is magnified through Paul’s body because his faith has not wavered.

Zion Traveler Baptist Church will host a reception Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 3 P.M. in Hamilton Hall to welcome its newly elected pastor, Rev. Annanias Word, and to introduce him to the Christian community.

Rev. Word will assume his responsibilities as the 9th pastor of Zion Traveler Baptist Church on February 3rd. The historical Baptist Church has been a spiritual beacon in the community for more than 147 years and is honored to welcome the new pastor.

The Christian community of Northeast Louisiana is invited to meet and greet Rev. Word and to welcome his family to the Monroe region.

A young man with the wisdom and intellect of a “devout man of the cloth”, Rev. Word is gifted in speech and in music. Winning over the congregation by more than a two-thirds majority vote, he is fully equipped to preach the gospel and to win souls for Christ.

Rev. Word is married to Leticha Heflin.