Criminal Activity December 12-17, 2017

Couple goes down for various CDSs and paraphernalia

Cory L. Balsamo

On Sunday, December 17, 2017, at 0010 hours, according to the official report, two West Monroe Police officers went to a residence to make contact with Christine Smith, in reference to a drug tip. Upon arrival one of the officers made contact with Smith in the back of the kitchen and advised her of her Miranda rights. The other officer located a small zip lock type bag of suspected meth at Smith’s feet. Smith advised the officer that the meth belonged to her and that she dropped it. Smith was placed under arrest and escorted to the patrol unit.
After placing Smith in the patrol unit, the officers made contact with Smith’s boyfriend, Corey Balsamo, in a vehicle in the parking lot. Upon making contact with Balsamo, one officer observed a suspected meth pipe in the coin tray. The officer had Balsamo to exit the vehicle and advised him of his Miranda rights. During a search of the vehicle, the officer located a credit card case that contained seven zip lock type bags containing suspected meth, a zip lock type bag containing a suspected Suboxone strip, and a plastic bag containing suspected marijuana. Balsamo also had several empty zip lock type bags, two digital scales, and $125.00. Both Balsamo and Smith were later transported to OCC.

Woman carelessly operates her truck while intoxicated

Shevondlyn A. Boatner

On Friday, December 15, 2017, according to the official report, Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputies were dispatched to a vehicle accident at a residence. Upon arrival a deputy observed an unregistered Chevrolet Avalanche with heavy frontal damage in the yard at the before mentioned address. The deputy made contact with the driver, Shevondlyn Akaira Boatner, who said that she was operating her truck on Tanglewood Dr., just before the curve, a dog ran out in the road, and that she veered left to avoid the animal. She was unable to stop the vehicle before leaving the roadway.
The vehicle traveled off the roadway north of Tanglewood Drive, making contact with the opposite side drainage ditch embankment, and continuing into the yard of the residence causing heavy damage to shrubbery and personal fixtures. The deputy advised Boatner of her rights per Miranda to which she said she understood. During her testimony Boatner was unsteady on her feet, swaying from front to back. She had an odor of consumed alcoholic beverage emitting from her person and breath. Boatner said she had consumed one large Michelob alcoholic drink about an hour before driving. She later amended her drink to maybe it wasn’t a Michelob, it may have been some other beer. Boatner was offered the SFST to which she performed poorly. She was placed into custody and transported to OCC, where she was read the LA. Arrestee’s Rights Form and offered a chemical test to determine her blood alcohol concentration. Boatner refused the chemical test. She was booked into OCC without incident.

Man tells officer, “It’s my weed!”

Bobby C. Booker

On Thursday, December 14, 2017, at 1920 hours, according to the official report, Bobby Booker was arrested during an investigation at 3608 Jackson St. (vacant lot). There was a “No Trespassing/Loitering” sign around the building. Prior to making contact with Booker, a MPD HEAT officer saw him standing on the south side of the building with three other black males. The officer got out of his unit to make contact with him. Booker started running westbound in the 600 block of Standifer Avenue. Booker then fell to the ground where he was then detained. Booker was advised of his rights per Miranda. Post Miranda, the officer smelled a strong odor of suspected marijuana on Booker’s body. During a search incident, the officer located a large plastic bag with a green leafy substance (2.0oz of suspected marijuana) inside of Booker’s jacket pocket. Booker said, “It’s my weed!” Booker was handcuffed and transported to OCC.

Employee steals from employer and is caught

Nicholas D. Brown

On Wednesday, December 13, 2017, at 1922, according to the official report, a MPD HEAT officer was dispatched to 4103 Pecanland Mall Dr. (Target) in reference to an employee theft. Upon arrival the officer met with Target Security personnel who showed the officer the video of Nicholas Brown carrying out items for a customer and then going to his vehicle and placing more items in it. Target Security was unable to provide a video or a receipt of Brown purchasing these items (Vizio Sound Bar System, $229.99; two Apple Watch series three, $329.99; and $359.99, total+tax= $1,021.07). Brown was brought into the office where he was Mirandized and he also admitted to stealing the items listed above. Brown did cooperate and take me to the merchandise to be retrieved. Brown had fraudulently sold the two Apple watches to a friend of his for $400 cash. When recovering the watches the friend asked for his money back, but Brown said that the money was already gone. Brown was arrested and transported to OCC where he was booked on the charges.

Two females shoplift throughout the mall

Katlin Cook

On Saturday, December 16, 2017, at 1512 hours, according to the official report, a MPD HEAT officer was dispatched to 4920 Millhaven Rd. (Belk) in reference to two shoplifters that were in custody. Upon arrival the officer made contact with the store security who said that he watched two females on the video camera take perfume items off the shelf and go into the fitting room with the items along with multiple BELK plastic bags. The security said when the two females exited the fitting room he could not see the items. The security said he stopped the two females after they passed by the check-out counter before they could exit the store. The security said after bringing the two females back to the office he discovered they had many stolen items from other stores also.
Kaitlin Cook was Mirandized and admitted that she and her accomplice Abigail Mayo took the items without paying from Belk $182.60, Bath and Body Works $15.26, J.C. Penney $143.18, Sephora $947.94, and Victoria’s Secret $592.13 for a total of $1,881.11. All items were returned to their respective stores and itemized receipts were obtained from each store. Mayo was then arrested, handcuffed, and transported to O.C.C. where she was booked.

Man almost gets away with theft

Eric K. Daniel

On Tuesday, December 12, 2017, according to the official report, upon arrival a Monroe Police officer made contact with a witness who said that she was informed by other employees that a black male/female later identified as Eric Daniel was observed selecting items from the alcoholic beverage aisle. The witness said that it was brought to her attention due to another black male/female suspect, accompanying Daniel, appeared to be walking to the end of the aisle watching for employees. The witness said that Daniel and the other unknown suspect had selected several bottles of Hennessy and Crown Royal which appeared to be selected from a list in which Daniel appeared to be reading from. The officer was informed that Daniel and the unknown suspect then proceeded to the cosmetics aisle and selected three health and beauty cosmetics and then proceeded towards the checkout area. The officer was advised that Daniel then passed all points of sales and exited the business. The witness said that she attempted to stop Daniel as he/she exited the business. The witness said that Daniel then exited the business running towards the west side of the business. The officer was advised that Daniel along with the other unknown subject entered a vehicle, 2005 Chrysler Town and Country and left the scene at a high rate of speed.
During the investigation the officer located the suspect vehicle at a residence where the officer observed Daniel walking from the residence still wearing the clothing seen on video. An additional officer then advised Daniel of his Miranda Rights and advised him that he was under arrest. Daniel said no and refused to comply with verbal orders. While in route to jail, Daniel stated why police were being killed and that all f**king police were going to die. During the investigation and identifying the suspect through his/her Facebook account, the officer observed several posts on Daniel’s page stating that he had Crown Royal and Hennessy for sell. The officer observed these post after the incident had occurred.

Couple’s argument ends in an arrest for him

Howard J. Green

On Sunday, December 17, 2017, according to the official report, a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy responded to a disturbance call at a residence in West Monroe. Upon arrival contact was made with the victim, who advised that she and her husband of 13 years, Howard Green, got into an argument over a T.V. The victim explained that Green grabbed her by her hair and threw her to the floor and then jumped on top of her and punched her several times. The victim stated that she got up and tried to retreat outside, when he slammed the door on her. The deputy observed the victim to have a knot on top of her head and blood emitting from her lip and left leg. The deputy came into contact with Green and advised him of his Miranda Rights, prior to questioning. Green denied ever touching his wife, Green did advise that he and his wife got into a tussle match over a T.V. The deputy did not observe any sign of injury to Green, and he did indicate that his wife never touched him. The deputy placed Green under arrest for domestic abuse/battery and transported him to OCC without incident.


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