Events which occurred when God commissioned me to register to vote!!!! Part 2

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

My Friends,

That day always registers in my mind as a date God really, as usual, lived up to His promises as listed in His aforementioned scriptures during which He promised to protect His people from their and His enemies.

As usual, He blessed me to rise that morning, say my prayers before journeying to the registrar’s office in order to execute His privilege to register to vote. As previously stated, Mr. Henry Carroll and others had successfully done so, but for reasons beknowing to God only, He sent me without accompanying human detected presence.

I dressed as usual in low heel shoes not knowing how long I would be forced into waiting. Upon entering the office, I noticed a lady located waaaaay behind the counter whom I rightly presumed to be the registrar of voters. There was a little girl, approximately six years old or younger with her. No other visible person was present in the office.

While standing there, I waited while she combed the child’s hair and adoren it with ribbons and barrettes. Afterwards, she opened a couple of bags and withdrew what appeared to be a lunch. By the way, this child of God was still standing there awaiting an opportunity to exercise my right to register to vote as an American citizen.

After both of them finished eating, a rubber ball was tossed back and forth several times.

By God’s grace and mercy, this child of God continued to stand in order to exercise my God-given right to register to vote. Eventually, an African American man entered the office and stood there a while to register to vote, also. But was never recognized.

I guess the registrar finally decided that my God-given stance to remain until given a chance to register came to the counter where I continued to stand and angrily told me to fill out the human “rigged” preventive registration form. She obviously did not view it very well herself to try and detect errors of each registrant because she would have had to calculate our ages according to years, months, and days, also.

Afterwards, she angrily went the very next man-created illegal route and told me to name the three branches of Louisiana government.
Well, unbeknowing to her, that was right down my God-given alley, due to my being a certified Social Studies teacher. As I began to name them, explain their duties…that is as far as she allowed me to recite! She yelled, “Shut Up”, filled out the rest of my credentials, allowed me to sign them, slammed them toward me and returned to her original position with a glaring backward look at me as I exited the door.

My friends, God saved me from registering previously in order to commission me to share with you what happened to me on the day He commissioned me to register to vote.
He opened the door for us to do so, HIMSELF. Many of His soldiers died and others suffered dire consequences for you to register and use your privileges to vote. Carefully examine the lives, accomplishments, and platforms of candidates who are running for public offices whose decisions will and are affecting your loved ones’ lives in the future.

Please pray, vote, and continue to vote in the future! It is a matter of life and death. Vote!!!!!

Love you much,
Jacquelyn Simmons