Food For Thought

By: Adesha L. Madison


When life overwhelms you to the point of distress,
When your mind is focused on discouragement
and everything less,
When your heart is so sorrow-filled all it can do
is weep,
When your soul feels completely numb, as if it
were asleep,
When your spirit is wandering as if it were a stranger in a foreign place,
When you have become so hate-filled and resentful
You cannot show God your face,
When depression is taking over, and your head is
hung low,
When you have tried with all of your being,
And gone as far as you can go,
When all of these things occur and begin to set in,
When everyone has let you down and that includes your best friend,
God is there for you, regardless of your doubt
He continues to restore his love, and never lets you
go without,
It should become apparent,
That he will never let you down,
You should desire to share your love with him,
From birth until eternal life you have found