Greater New Antioch Baptist Church held its VBS

The Greater New Antioch Baptist Church held it’s Vacation Bible School July 23 – 27, 2018.

This years theme was “Game On” with a scriptural basis from II Peter 1:3. This year theme had an athletic theme. The athletic director was Mrs. Rotena Russell, assistant athletic director was Mrs. Janet Campbell.

The head coaches (Teachers) were Mrs. Joyce Tate, Mrs. Eva Walsh, Mrs. Paige James, Mrs. Jerlene Barnett, Mrs. Myrtle Jackson, Mrs. Gloria Handy, Mrs. Deborah Wyatt, Rev. Jack Russell, Mrs. Tina Seay, and Pastor John L. Russell, II. Mission coach was Minister Candice P. Russell.

Arts and crafts coach was Mrs. Marico D. Russell. Music coach was Mrs. Sandra R. Boyd. Food and behavior coaches were Jeraldine Allen, Mrs. Angela Monson, Mrs. Dorothy Mason, Mrs. Queen Owens, Mr. Ricky Owens and Mr. Randy Boyd.

We had a fun and Spirit-filled week.