Happy Father’s Day to Our Heavenly Father

By: Ms. Adesha L. Madison

June of each year passes,
And I travel place to place,
On each church program
Or bulletin board,
Of this I have found no trace:
“Happy Father’s Day” Heavenly Father!”
You know the one to whom we pray our prayers,
There is only evidence
Of Happy Father’s Day wishes
To earthly men posted there.
I have not been in a service,
And found one to begin,
Happy Father’s Day Dear Heavenly Father,
Only kind wishes to carnal men.
So this Father’s Day I have decided,
You have been so earthly good to me
I am wishing you, my Heavenly Father
A Father’s Day as wonderful as can be.
Happy Father’s Day Dear Heavenly Father
Try to get some rest
Because you are a WONDERFUL Father
And by us you have done your best!