Kids don’t look up to Donald Trump

By: Cadence Wright

My brother and I can pretty much get away with anything… BUT lying. That doesn’t work in our house. If it’s one thing my mom hates it’s a liar. Lying is contagious. When you tell one lie you have to tell more lies to cover up the first lie. When you tell multiple lies you become a compulsive liar. That’s like when you do it so much it becomes a habit you can’t control. I think Donald Trump is a compulsive liar.

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Superbowl. When teams win a National Championship they go to the White House to meet the President. The Eagles players didn’t want to go. Most of the players don’t support Donald Trump and his lies. When Mr. Trump heard about this, he announced that he disinvited the Eagles to the White Hose. He said they were unpatriotic about America.

The truth is he was embarrassed because the players didn’t care to meet him.

NFL players kneeled during the National Anthem to bring awareness to innocent Black Men and Boys being killed by the police. As President of the United States, he should have been more supportive of the players. They are citizens who feel threatened. If the Trump had supported them or even listened to them there could be more things done to protect innocent Black people.

Instead of helping the football players come up with a solution he lied about their cause and turned the world against them.

Our President is not a good role model for kids. He insults women. He made fun of a handicap person. He does nothing to help the poor and he is on twitter more than a teenager. He does not care about the struggle that Black People face every day. I am not inspired by him at all and none of my friends are. I even have White friends who think he is rude and disrespectful.

The President should be someone you can look up to. America should have known better. If he was lying while he was running for office then of course he has to keep lying while he is in office.

If it’s one thing he has proven true, if you have money you can buy your way into anything in this country… even the White House.